What pets do you have or have you had in the past. Share experiences and stories

What pets do you have or have you had in the past. Share experiences and stories

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I've had more cats than I care to remember.
One used to sleep in my crib.
I've got toxoplasmosis a hundred times over. Would explain my melancholia.
My favorite cat died in my arms. I should have put him down earlier. I am responsible for his suffering. I'm sorry.
No more cats these days.

I miss my cat
He ran away

one of my cats pissed on my clothes weeks ago
i washed it several times but it still smells
fuck this cute and fluffy creature

me and my sibling had gerbils. i loved them but their lifespans are too short

I had so many cats in the past. They were somewhat annoying, yet cute and cuddly at the same time. They would kept me accompanied during time i could not sleep. Damn i miss them so much.

Submerge in white vinigar and water

When I was just starting primary school, I heard that cats can't get hurt from falling. So I started throwing our little ginger cat around in the house, making sure it'd hit the ceiling every time I threw it. I found it really funny how it'd just bolt away every time it landed. I can't remember how long that habit lasted, but mum gave me an earful when she saw me doing it and told me I wasn't allowed to touch Vance (our cat name) ever again

It really makes me cringe. I wish I wasn't such a gullible cunt.

My family has a cat. It's kinda annoying, nagging about food all the time, but fuck me, I love that little shit.

my brother and I had gerbils when we were kids. we put those poor creatures through hell. they are pretty cool though.

>we put those poor creatures through hell

I want a cat but I'm terrified of the responsibility

Clean the litter box twice a day. Feed it and bathe it every few months. Also cats tend to prefer drinking out of certain kinds of bowls for some weird reason.

My dog died 5 years ago and i couldn't imagine getting another one, but now that i live alone i kinda miss having a pet. Should i get one? I know that now i have time for it but as soon as i resume working i fear it might feel too lonely. I would be at home only in the evening.

I got a rescue cat and he's a little ham. I have to watch him really closely because he's dumb and he might kill accidentally kill himself somehow.

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i had a cat when i was a kid, she was pretty small compared to other cats and she was gentle and social, but she would fight off dogs ten time her size when necessary, like really it's a sight to see a small cat making a german shepherd run away

she also had kittens a few times, she was protective about them except when i was around them, then she completely slacked and trusted me to be a babysitter

Actually a rescue cat

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my goldie

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i also have this memory of me and my friend getting lost biking in the hills as it got dark, but a dog we had played with for a bit previously on the way up into the hills fucking figured out the problem and showed us the correct way to get back home, it was crazy how smart that one was

can someone give an accurately description what it's like to own a cat? thinking about adopting one

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*stares at you with love*

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That sounds like a lot of responsibility though. What if I'm not in until late on an evening?

I dunno, I think I'm more scared about being a bad pet owner than anything. I'd not like to have an animal suffer because of me not being good at taking care of it.

I got a cat that eat snacks and a cat that poop in the toilet, no joke

they have different personalities, you gotta learn to get along with them on a personal level

they also tend to be really clean compared to other animals if you give them the basic litterbox or allow them to leave the house, which is nice

it kind of depends on the cat

Some cats are really needy and want to cuddle with you all the time. Others really just like to do their own thing.
Keep in mind that a cat is about half as smart as a dog and they will be destructive and sometimes noisy. If you get a long haired cat he will shit on himself sometimes unless you keep his ass hair trimmed, which is extremely difficult because they'll fight you if you try to hold them down for anything, especially when loud clipper noise is involved.

All in all it's pretty nice. Cats don't need that much and they're good people.

What's it like having a cat if you live alone?

My mom has an obese cat and five dogs, I really miss those niggas

I've never had an emotional connection with anyone other than my family. Do pets fill that void?

>bathe it
how do you bathe a cat? aren't they afraid of water?

I have a 3 year old Bombay cat. She was the runt of her litter so she was alone on the street when I found her.
Cats are pretty low maintenance. If you give them food, water, litter and attention they're happy. I would get them while they're young and give them lots of attention during that time so they become well socialized.

if you're at work all the time, don't get a dog

persian cats are so fucking cute
I want one of these but I have never had a pet
tell me about the experience and maintenance

my cat is still far away from dying but im gonna cry like a bitch when he dies lads

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