Why are American accents so godawful and pathetic?

Why are American accents so godawful and pathetic?

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>this thread again

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you guys all sound like faggots lol

>Whah ah ahmerican ahxents sauh gaudawful aend pahfetic

Great Vowel Shift is a mistake

Kys leftenant

Americans are based fellow RHOTIC BVLLS

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The southern accent spoke in a formal voice is actually based

Too many spices in food starting since early childhood caused the permament tongue damage and- in general - weak tounge development and even in extreme case the complete disturbtion of speach development. I would call it MUSS - the FAS of america - from the combination of "mutt" and " sssssssssssspices" or SHART - Spice-Harmed American Rhetorical Tardation.



your accent sounds gay

Minnesotan accents are CUTE!

Southern American accent sounds pretty cute. Love it when they say howdy

In your ears maybe. i found their accent pretty cool

for me, it's minnesoter

French is 1000x better than American to the Anglo ear, thanks but no yanks.

Canadian is much worse

North American accents are the worst in the English language.
Even a drunk Scouser or Glaswegian sounds better,I don't know if it's the fat oppressing their vocal chords but I've heard sounds emitted by fucking seagulls that were nicer on the ears

i think you exaggerate a little

Most of you sound like flamboyant faggots

This is me but with British accents desu.

Your accents are the sound equivalent of eating too much cheese you big acoustic pooft.

Nah. Its just normal. British people either sound like actual subhumans or self-righteous, backbiting, passive-aggressive retards.

Only the LA accent is bad.

>that faggy vocal fry people from Washington do

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I actually like American accents, but goddamn when you hear them in real life they somehow penetrate everything and are super loud

Very shrill

Wisconsin accent is the cutest

>they somehow penetrate everything
they do the same with girls in my country

French girls are quite easy I love it


would a french girl fuck a finnish man?