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sisters sub edition

yeah nah let's get this thread underway then
just the rigmarole of another day

sampling one of these

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thanks lads, this is what I was drawing from
handsome boy isn't he are tim

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here we are

all the lads

it's a mad ting how people thought rooney had more potential than CR7 back then


sad that cr7 left man utd 2bh

he'd have won more at man utd than real madrid 2bh

>yeah nah
>nah yeah
what do aussies mean by this

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dominic cummings, that history graduate who came up with turkey joining the EU, and tying the brexit to the NHS and repeating get brexit done

was part of the independent scientific advisory group meetings for coronavirus lol.
Reckon thats probably why 'protect the NHS' is part of the govt's 3 part slogan.
Cummings knows the power of just mentioning the NHS to get people to do stuff lol

nonce alarm is going haywire

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had a couple yesterday. they're actually made by henry westons. they're good. two was enough to have me fairly pissed

When I was 12, my auntie who was 13, slept in the same bed as me when I stayed at my grandma's and she wore what was practically a thong. Didn't realise what she was after until I was much older.

It’s tough to get out of bed to do roadwork at 5am when you’ve been sleeping in silk pajamas

got dat damn muddafuggen coonvirus

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What's the perfect amount of drunk lads? Not too much, not too little? For me it's 6 pints.

what if animals got smart enough to figure out that they could use money to coerce us to do things for them
like what if a pelican came up to you and offered you $100 to go fishing for it
what if they started stealing our wallets and doing that

Why was that little autist on the show anyway? That level of social ineptitude is a wonder to behold.

yeah nah means no, or if said without a question prompt is just neutral
nah yeah means yeah

shes 18 mate dont worry

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Mom's getting ready for summer

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praise kek fellow magapedes

We'll never know how good Rooney could've been because he had terrible work ethic

an A350-1000 just flew above my flat lads

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two shots of kraken down the gullet

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feel like the populace isnt very smart.
feel like anything that appeals to boomer senility rues the day

good bit u know

having a beer me

you seen that dog that offers leaves for a cup of water at the coffee shop
they're scamming us all

>any professional footballer having a terrible work ethic

literally doesnt happen.

would you say you're enjoying the beer?

Gen X are just as bad as boomers yet nobody seems to talk about them.

correct. just look at all these 5g conspiracy mongs.

nonceimus maximus

aye that I am


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the gf

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what album should i listen to lads? havent listened to any new music in years.

if that actually happened in my family realistically i would probably get on a plane to somewhere far away and never come back


To all the lad freaking out from weed, how long did it take you to reach that point? Smoking a lot the last few months and starting to get anxious on it

boomer straight on the defensive

can see a small percentage of her vulva

you can still be a nonce even if shes 18

Would be peng without the frog and tattoos

haven't heard of this

the chats new album


Doing a listen to a bit of the ol' 'ilip 'lass

not sure what you mean?
deanos? london hipsters?

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she missed her vag

probably on purpose the bint

yeah nah yeah nah nah
sing this corrosion to me

They are boomers though you mong

been doing some RANCID farts

Punk hasnt been good since the 80s


smoked for 18 years not had an issue

Overweight ginger women were literally molded to serve the Big Black Dick

Gen X are people in their late 30s to their 50s.

rev image search for story x

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would be peng if she had a willard

This is the last night of the fair
And the grease in the hair
Of a speedway operator
Is all a tremulous heart requires
A schoolgirl is denied
She said : "How quickly would I die
If I jumped from the top of the parachutes?"
So...scratch my name on your arm with a fountain pen
(This means you really love me)

fuck I am horny
just want to shag

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someone like this probably needs someone to wipe her bottom for her yeah?

might get back on the speed later
tolerance probably gonna be a killer though

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they are boomers

Are you retarded? Gen X and Boomers are two different generations.

tried weed a few times and it legitimately didn't do shit, except for the last time when I smoked like 3 joints and drank a whole bottle of wine. Woke up at 5am so nauseous I considered going to hospital after dry retching for 30 minutes.

Na The Chats are really good fun band. There have also been tons of really good punk bands since the 80s but if you dont like punk then I doubt you'd like them

thanks, adding all of these to the filter

shit they're learning
animal genocide when?

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taking matters in to my own hands...

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not a fan of 'weeding,' me
more of a pintman

Not on addictive and funny Yas Forums! Everyone over 25 is a boomer!

How are druggies handling lockdown? Always wondered.

I don't get it

No, they aren't. Boomers are people born after WW2. They are in their 60s and 70s now.

set my tinder location to Melbourne and I'm matching with every other girl whereas here in London I get like one match a month


really fucking wasting my weekend

the nightmare begins again on monday.
have a 11am deadline monday morning

this weekend/ so far ive eaten some toast and shitposted.

Mad how normal body movements look so weird when you remove parts of the body. That back arch is a completely normal behaviour, yet looks totally alien without legs. Nice smile though.

we're giving it a good go already

might start adding #hoax at the end of each of my posts

ah yes meme words on the internet adhere to scientific convention. No boomers is just a meme word that means old.

I mean the boomer mean literally started as meaning people in their 30s lool

Opposite for me. Got much more matches in Ireland and the UK than here.

good thanks

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please do not do that
happy tim happy tim

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anyone from their 40s upwards if essentially part of the propertied, tabloid reading class.

do you smoke cigarettes?
this screams "didnt inhale"

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it's true
the hospitals are fucking dead
including ICUs
why do you think the nurses are making so many tiktok videos?

Why can't I just have my drunken social skills all the time when I'm sober? Why must I sperg out?

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... tim's not sure how to feel anymore ...

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We are getting bye, we got in on the tail end of prosperous opportunities for the working class and many of us have done pretty damn well for ourselves

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I've been swiping in 3rd world countries and getting no matches hahaha just like in london
ahahhaha hahafucking hell its hilarious


Not being funny but does this look like CGI to anyone else?

cute :3

he knows

Yes I know how to fucking smoke. Was inhaling deep.


real g shit for your airwaves
started i was trapping from a stair case

cannot begin to imagine how bad that first monday back at work in a few weeks time is going to be

Every puppy I've ever met has nibbled on my fingers, do they just not do that to small kids?

Benzos lad. Benzos.

Alri Emma.


cheeky new

enjoying a bag of maltesers (that were for some reason in the fridge!)

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new mustard video lads


might not go back to work 2bh, the NEETs were on to something. will claim depression/anxiety due to extended lockdown or something

bored to fucking tears

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Wouldn't know how to get them. Reckon no doctor would prescribe them to me.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...stronger...stroooonger

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why would you think theres anything sexual about that

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am not looking forward to it ngl. Am seriously hoping that this goes on for so long that I will have enough money saved to not go back to work

imagine not being able to shag in london, literally like 5 millions slags there

Dark web (don't ' me).

hello negroes

I'm definitely too much of a pussy for that sort of nonsense.

probably cause theres a lot of competition to fuck

thinking when this is all over I might request to work from home one day a week

>pull in london
>have to take them back to your 5 people flat share
bit grim innit

>todger not attached to his skeleton

what de fug

please I'm a recovering addict

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need more tim feet pics ASAP

will continue the path of the amphetamine diet thanks

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Mental how yank TV has adverts for medication

that's it you make it back without being stabbed by a niggard or blown up by a paki

i came up in the noughties
richmond and my rizzlas
always beeb a misfit
wishing on a big bit
consistent and persistent thats just good business
murder no witness
broke rapper on some rich shit
drink it straight nah we dont mix this

mate/drug dealer has gone viral on instagram

you know it's not actually a bone right?

I am having difficulty assessing the threat level of this pandemic, what are some good precautions to take going forward?

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Ah yes the ol' fluoride stare

Monica's onlyfans lads, PHWOARRRRRR don't think i'll ever need pornhub again