Britain is inferior to us

We are superior to all others in the UK.
Especially the English.
The only thing the British do better is have more people.

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the old man's from scotland don't you know

seething jock

didn't ask

scotland is full of
>haggis munchers
>heroin users
>wannabe micks

the place is a shithole

also we're able to run a small colony without bankrupting our entire nation

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dominic cummings, that history graduate who came up with turkey joining the EU, and tying the brexit to the NHS and repeating get brexit done

was part of the independent scientific advisory group meetings for coronavirus lol

frankly, mr shankly I'm a sickening wreck
I've got the 21st century breathing down my neck

>Inferior to us
that an old welsh flag?

drug hipsters crack me up 2bh

>"mdma? absolute shit, you should try this untested chemical called 66-FAG-POO"

this isn't /brit/

>he outgrew ManU

Not possible. ManU is just a clown show now

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having more people literally is being better though
china is absolute shithole but they are the strongest nation in the world because they breed like rabbits

>using gay comebacks like "yeah well ill suck your dick" to bullies
feel like id rather take the bullying than become a cringe

I've been bitching about this incest porn for sometime now, knew this was a bad sign when I saw it blow up online. We need to get rid of it but nobodies talking about it


is this an american thing

Girl you like fucking an Englishman?

The Welsh and the English are both vastly superior to the Scottish in every single respect imaginable. Don't agree? Don't care.

You're British by the way. You live on the shitty northern part of an island named Great Britain, which has been politically and outright nationally unified for centuries. You're my cunty countryman.

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Incest porn has grown exponentially in recent years, way more than 150%. More like 1000% (and here's why that's a based thing)


bloody hell you're right

at least our entire economy isn't dependent on selling worthless dinosaur juice

seethe on

yes it was adopted as a strategy by bullied kids to really shut down people bullying them by saying something really gay "because what do you say to that" - every bullied kid

not a fan of cummings but the speed that they rolled out the job protection stuff gives the impression that theres a relatively radical force driving policy in the tories atm and its probably him init
just a thought

very good.
England is a slave state to Scotland.
didn't tell.
no one wants to be irish outside of Glasgow.
the Saxons promised to trade with us.
Scottish flag.
your language is incredibly inferior.
all English

Scotland is British, native language is English

England is objectively better at literally the first thing I thought of, footie.
I'm trying to think of something Scotland beats England at that isn't only done seriously by Scots (eg. tossing the caber or deep frying haggis).
Hating the English? That's practiced internationally and nobody does it more passionately than Scots. Discouraging immigration by being a shithole nobody wants to move to? Butchering the English language?
Help me out OP.

Cucklands own economic analysis said they would not be able to fund their post-it dependence budgets with oil at $100bbl... Imagine how lmao

whiskey isn't dinosaur.

irish whiskey shits all over scotch

Britain has always meant England in Scotland.
even have old poems going back to 13th century saying that.
native language is our own language and gaelic.

the only reason it is "butchered" is because it was forced onto Scotland and replace the original language.

and how many scots still speak native scottish?
I'm willing to bet about 100

but user, your country is a province of Britain.

do you dream of independence?


>your language is incredibly inferior
I speak the same one you do


So Scots are inferior at speaking their own language. I'm looking for ways Scotland is superior here.

why is the national dress for scottish men literally a woman's skirt?


1% speak Scottish and 0.5% speak Gaelic, daily.

vaping is killing me

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wow it's fucking nothing
98.5% speak ENGLISH
imagine being so cucked by an "inferior" nation

I don't.,
English cant speak English.
only scots can lol!
not 98.5%. you forgot about the poles and so on..

Englishman here, I was rooting hard for the Scots to gain independence. I rag them a bit, but it's only banter. I secretly love the Scots, even if most of them hate me and my people.

98.5% of scots

I hate kilts.

Scots are leaders in
>Low life expectancy
>Alcohol abuse
>Drug related deaths (over 4x the rate in England)
>Having chips on their shoulder

top lads