Why do Western women not wear dresses anymore? Do they see it as submissive?

Why do Western women not wear dresses anymore? Do they see it as submissive?

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They need to air their big loose holes out


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Western boys wear dresses now

Where I live, half the girls wear dresses or skirts in summer

disturbing lack of wheat fields in your pic

"real Asian"
wears a fucking Western dress

It was years since I had not actually laughed out loud to a meme, thanks Polebro

real asians dont swim?

>Real Asians
Post the real picture at least

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Asians are more Western than Westerners. Westerners are postmodern

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Western women wear that in the city lol

Dresses look fucking dumb. Real women wear trousers and cut their hair short.

absolute cringe

>Why do Western women not wear dresses anymore?
but they do ?
>Do they see it as submissive?
no, except some brainless tumblr nazis

>real asian
>an English sundress
Someone needs to dislocate your jaw davido


I prefer women in jeans or skirt.

debauchery + sexual hypercompetition due to social media forces them to show more flesh to be the center of attention

Culturally east asians lacks the first and partially the second because asian men have small dick


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Is that a hospital bracelet

Its these reasons
>Muh Body
>Muh Choice
>Muh fAsHIon
>Muh hIP hOP
>Muh 60S sEX RevOLUtion

I honestly miss how people use to dress back before the 60s started. I would move to Japan but I can see things are not that different there either.

Nah it looks like a coca cola bracelet or something like that.

Not practical at all outside the very few days of sunny summer weather we get. You're an outcast if you don't wear the national dress on our national day though.

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That is how real women look.

Big incel energy

In europe they do, maybe it's time, with the late brexit and dumbfuckingstan, that we part "Western" from Europe, and let "Western" only mean anglo-countries, as UK, US, AUS and relatable.


I am amazed you think I am an incel because of the fact I think traditional type women are better. Why don't you ask your grandparents I am sure they would agree with me on this topic. Are you grandparents incels?

you can also ask why dont western "men" dress up in anything other than a hoodie and jeans


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Based, but shut up, femcel.

No I am talking about your grandparents from the early 20th century that lived in a time before this depraved stuff.

new zealanders wuz crete

ur not joking mate.

They do

Not that guy, but this dude is clearly either new or stuck in some delusional larp


Mighty arbitrary to drawing the line there for "traditional". Also what's so depraved about it?
Muh western civilization