How do you take a selfie without looking like a incel?

How do you take a selfie without looking like a incel?

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if you take a selfie and you aren't a woman, you are now a woman

Better camera, good lighting, try to get the camera far away so it doesn't make your face look narrow

wear glasses, have a beard and open your mouth really wide

Make sure the lighting is ass. Find a shitty angle, put on some glasses and a stupid grin on your face. Done. This is my result.

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Don't make any constipated smiles.

Try to take it from the left, at a slighly lower angle

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just bee urself

but he asked how to not look incel

Just don't show your receding hairline, big ears, bug eyes, flat cheekbones or receding chin on it and you'll be fine.

Don't be strayan

Take a selfie with your girlfriend.

take it with a webcam

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Just hide your face

put a big spicy salami in your pants and make sure to include your legs in the picture

practice a confident smile that doesn't look creepy

just lift your eyebrows and almost close your eyes bro trust me

if you dont have a $1000 phone or camera its already over

Just don't look like these guys and you should be good

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be born with good bone structure

Yeah but you are a blond guy, no matter what you do it will look Chad

There isn't an easy way, but I've found that doing that while in a legitimately good mood produces better results because you get a better smile

you still have an incel facial expression. But you are blonde and blue eyed, you arent unattractive, you are desirable. Ok in Sweden everyone is blonde except for the sandniggers but I think that here both men and women prefer blonde people

>you still have an incel facial expression
not at all

You don't. Only take pictures for your driver's license and other things like that and that's it

You probably have a double chin. Lose weight fatty hahahah

You look like a diseased penis

Thank you.

an incel. Don't you even know how your own language works? Stupid frogposter.

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Don't be fat

put flowers on it

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good lighting, from an angle, women perfected this

*clap* *clap* *clap*

holy kek
i cant stop laughing