current developments in the south china sea re. the confrontation between the malaysian navy and assets of the PLAN edition

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nowt wrong with farting in the bath

let's do it again boys

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Disingenuous to have the Australian flag on there.

yank sub-edition

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no it wasn't
we did a fuckload in the pacific theatre simple as

Cheeky chinkys edition

might become a paypig

crazy how the only ones advocating for shutdowns are politicians in charge, those in the media who pushed for them, and people who are able to work from home


no it isn’t be quiet

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honestly reckon mandatory national service would have sorted me out before i had the chance to fuck up my life in early adulthood

so fucking hungry
could literally a few small pieces of shit now

Yanks beat Japan simple as. Loathe to give them credit but it's indisputable.

well we certainly punched above our weight considering our tiny population at the time

you can completely change your life for the better, and achieve all you want. it's just incredibly hard to go against your nature, you wish for it but deep down you don't want to take the steps to make the changes

Well lads, what'll it be?

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i've always hated chinks and for me all these nouveau-sinophobes are nothing but a bunch of bandwagon poseurs

What goddess will you beg acceptance from?

In France they eat snails

Leftypol would seethe if we let Assad just keep doing his ting tho


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“we” ah yes i remember voting on the decision for the last syrian air strike

what was going through his head when he posted this

the so called lunch

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all look utterly peng

embarrasing really

never said they didn't (obviously) but guess who helped
yeah that's right mate the lads
shan't tolerate this on ANZAC day

>military targets

glad the french poster isn't currently here

>pulled beef
>no pulled pork

was already calling out china in 2005 when I was literally 6 but the teachers weren't having it

the spicy boi

Pulled beef and Angus, ez

Ah yes the well documented strategy of letting in citizens of the people you're at war with, think Sun Tsu mentioned that actually

don't be a cuck


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if they have good bacon, then bottom left

if they dont have good bacon then top left

I thought 190 was done with the communist story arc.

Does it really have to start again, mate? I know it's easy (You) farming but it's so annoying and the arguments are some of the most brittle.

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looks dry and horrible
put some mustard on there at least

If it weren't for America your country would have been colonised by a bunch of gooks and you'd be wanking it every day to anime...oh wait

Yanks, Chinks and the British Empire beat Japan with a little help from the Russians towards the end

idea: set up an alter ego to goon and paypig for as an incentive to save your money, almost cheating the system in a way

thought we'd mix things up a bit

What is wrong with being a cuck?

Assyria predates Britain

For me it's the smoky BBQ angus


Could eat McDonalds or KFC all day but something about Burger King, while peng, also leaves me feeling dirty afterwards

why are their heights all so varying? they couldnt get uniform looks poeople?

Leftists are the ones who demanded that le evil Assad must go

Don't care

yeah but why can't they all go to a different country

British Empire put in a terrible show against Japan. Singapore was the greatest military disaster in British history

That old american army dress uniform is fucking disgusting

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why are europeans so obsessed with taking refugees? is it because they want to sex them?

The gf wants to try out rapeplay
feel like this might be a setup so she can take my assets in the divorce settlement should that eventuate

can't eat condiments desu

it's not manly

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you know deep down that you must pay
pay up piggy

not really far lefties like galloway love assad

>ANZAC day
Shit I didn't know

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what on earth are you getting at, of course I'm not denying that yanks won the war in the pacific theatre
simply bizarre mate and you're acting like a goose, gonna leave it there

>in 2005 when I was literally 6
hello literal foetus, shouldn't you be in bed? got school tomorrow

From that list the double Angus bacon cheese but for me it's the bacon cheese XL

Soyboys cucks are not pay piggy cucks

im a uni graduate
had more adult experiences than you've had hot dinners mate

cheers lad

Yes incredibly a Britain that was at that time fighting alone against the axis powers couldn't really afford to splash out on it's eastern defence budget who would have thought? The smashed us at first just like they smashed the dutch and the americans then we got our act together, tightened up and dicked all over them in Burma

>Relaxing in garden sun
>Dad insists he has to play shitty depressing Smooth FM tier music from his phone

Every time. I hate boomers

Chinkoid Twitter absolutely SEETHING


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Having bolognese on toast

Burger King is peak "junk food" but fuark is it satisfying

Half a million Japs in Burma and you never set one foot in India, embarrassing stuff.

Would someone like to buy an original Pokemon Yellow cartridge?

£8 is all I'm asking

dont care

I, an adult, have indeed have had many adult experiences - including but not limited to: purchasing something on a credit card, pumping my own petrol and going to a bank.

>than you've had hot dinners
i doubt that, i always go back for seconds and even thirds

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this is why i will never grow facial hair

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I've always hated chinks period

learnt the other day that americans have attendants to put the petrol in for them
state of them honestly what can even be said at this point

Redpill us on the Burma campaign
I know nothing about it

when it's all said and done its a pretty good animation.

spending your money on a woman, and not even getting sex in return is pointless

fucking love a good bacon double cheese xl

>pumping my own petrol
Can't believe Yanks aren't allowed to do this

Lol no

your kokoda

Yes really rasheed
Galloway is in no way representative of the left

Would rather throw £8 in the bin

aye is pretty mental

Just ate one of these slags for lunch, was quite delicious

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No one said the life of a pay piggy was easy

Who would win?
>200,000 British Empire troops and the most heavily fortified city in the orient
>A few thousand wheely boys

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not sure about his stance on assad but corbyn has always opposed air strikes on syria think you’ve got your wires crossed here mate

Speaking of WWII, here's an actual American wartime film for their soldiers to educate them on Britain
I thought it was interesting and we watched it in /brit/ once

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it doesn't count
not willing to go into specifics but it doesn't count simple as



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She naked, she soaking wet
She naked, she soaking wet

Driving around in my tank (toyota landcruiser)

are greta lads, adorable

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Mate told me he went to America and they make your Subway sandwich for you instead of having self service

Absolute state

looks like a lunch a homosexual would consume

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millions have died in carehomes

>LefTiEs LikE GAlLoWay

God just imagine what they did to her on that boat.

would fucking love to shag her

absolutely despise it when girls moan and pretend they're having multiple orgasms when you've been pumping them for 30 seconds

you don't have to pretend

Is coys on the breadline? Trying to flog £8 tat?

2 nukes haha

Got an idea for a period piece where some allied POWs break out of a Japanese camp and fight their way back to de lads in the South Pacific
Have the stuffy posh English officer, some gung-ho Marines and classic Aussie Larikens


Listened to this then looked up the lyrics, wtf?

don't care

hey 190 mate,
what do you reckon, blur or oasis?


dunno why they call the beastie boys a rap group. if anything they were essentially a punk band

stop saying that it hasnt been a thing since like the 1950s

yeah you’ve been shown up think before you type next time

Our generals were inbred public school betas. Most shameful defeat in British history perhaps.

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don't know why people even bother responding to proxy flags that just parrot brainless russian propaganda

Mums got her friend round who also has brought her two little kids to stay the night, while I presume their mum goes somewhere to get shagged.

Proper pondscum they are, loud, obnoxious and stupid. Just what I need to disturb my daily rituals of posting on /brit/ and wanking

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Don't like women making any sound at all honestly

yeah they literally reference the book

Basically at the start we got chased all the way back into India because the nips went for a massive pacific wide sucker punch on all the western powers. Then we got our act together and sorted them out. Most of our army was Indian but there were several British regiments out there too Most of the causalities on both sides were from jungle diseases. The nips lost hundreds of thousand dead though.


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Based. Asia for Asians, Europe for Europeans.

Noooooo, not the Fatboy

LMAO 800 deaths
The lockdown has done absolutely fucking nothing our numbers aren't dropping at all.

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no i haven't you paki lefty freak
wish assad barrel bombed you

who would win
>people in tropical heat with no water source
>the besieging army

hmmmm it's hard to guess

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love love love love love love love love love love love love love love halo

No clue what any of this means


I look a lot like young Damon Albarn 2bh

Report the slag to the police for flouting lockdown rules

DOD site has some really high quality pics

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When a Eustring turns into a Europe...

It has. There is just a lag. Look at public health England's data by date of death rather than date of reporting.

would you shag her if she offered?

Please please watch the burma episode of The World At War, it is honestly one of the best episodes and ngl I actually cried when I watched it although I was high of my noggin

The US has like 25 destroyers in its 7th fleet. China has 250 in its backyard.

Those people dont just drop dead as soon as theyre infected... it takes a few weeks for them to die

Get nostalgic when I think about FFXII

reminds me of the bloke from that shape of water movie
literally puts his hand over his wife's mouth

>love love love love love love love love love love love love love love halo

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Just watch all of World at War it's one of the best documentaries ever made. For the Burma episode i can always hear Lawrence Olivier saying "mud" in that way he does

Cool cheers lad

fucking southern fair poof
never refer to yourself as working class ever again

love love love love love love love love love love love love love love cock

250 of them are from earlier in the month that missed various lists

I like DVIDS
Though having to fill out Account Type was a bit awkward

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Nobody is following them anymore. Not even police.

Gonna find this video and comment abuse on it


got an idea for a period piece where it's a buddy cop film set in ancient egypt about two young medjays on the force who uncover a conspiracy going right to the heart of government where one of the pharaoh's guys has been secretly using cheap alien labour to build the pyramids and embezzling all the slave funds for himself
one of the main guys also has a thick australian accent who gets made fun of by the rest of the force for not holding any reverence for the sacred ibis

Have unilaterally decided I'm not paying for things any more. Or obeying speed limits. I used the word unilateral so it's ok.

Something serious will be done about this soon, FYI. We have underestimated the effects these trolls and shills have had on disrupting our nation, social media and internet message boards will soon be removed, or radically changed

I think they are a cute couple.

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seen it

Yeah just finished halo CE anniversary, still a ton of fun to play but it's a bit repetitive. Cant wait for Halo 2 and 3 remastered!!

Are Em's done well for himself

need whoever pioneered the idea of using backspace as a keyboard shortcut for 'back' in internet browsers out of business
has the be the most annoying thing about daily computer use, can't think of anything equally as annoying. who even uses backspace as a back button? nobody.

could unironically see this taking off but i INSIST you cast me as the Australian