Do you think muslims (Arabs, "persians", Turks, Pakis, Bangladeshis...

Do you think muslims (Arabs, "persians", Turks, Pakis, Bangladeshis, Indonesians and others who follow Islam) should be allowed to live in Europe and North America?
Why not?

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They shouldn't be allowed to live on this planet, never mind Europe and North America.

based Bong

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Wait that's not a Guatemalan flag

Morally I see no reason to deny them. Ideally every person could choose where they want to live. I'd rather have an honest Arab Muslim living next door than an dishonest ethnic Finn.
Personally I think foreign people look odd and would prefer to only be surrounded by people who look and behave like me, but that's my problem. It shouldn't affect my stance on issues with moral considerations.


I think islam should be legally considered a destructive cult. There are less destructive cults than islam, like for example scientology, which are banned in some European countries.

Only white people should exist

Do you realise that for every honest Arab doctor, there will be dozens of not hundreds of grenade lobbing degenerates who want nothing more than some Nordic houris?

If you want your country to become a caliphate in 100 years, that's the most effective way to do it

Islam is a sect that does not seek to reform itself as Christianity did, and the spread of Islam involves war according to his holy book, contrary to what Christianity preached.

Islam must be illegal.

What happens is that polygamy is encouraged and this means there will be a lot of men without any females to procreate with. Skewed sex ratios are a cause of instability and these men will ultimately turn their gaze on white women, to add to their already burning lust for them.

They are also very low IQ and have less inhibitions for violence.

I thought the population of female is already higher than that of males?
Also not every Muslim practice polygamy. Only a minority.

Yup. Many muslims I have had talked to, from Iraq to bangladesh have told me the same thing. Islam teach them to convert "kaffurs?", if not make them pay Islamic tax and if not, to kill all them. Their main objective to make everyone muslim by force and establish a caliphate.

I wouldn't have no problems with them if they didn't chimp out constantly and act like subhuman trash in general. Just look at Sweden, their no-go zones and grenade attacks.

That doesn't give me the right to treat the honest doctor like a degenerate. People are responsible only for their own actions.

i already had enough of them in turkgay. they would shit up everything they touch

Look at the average IQs of Muslim majority countries, they fall in the 80-85 range which means that the middle of the pack Muslim sourced from these nations is less intelligent than 84% of native Europeans.
No reasonable person would treat an individual like trash on account of their immutable characteristics like race, but when we are talking about large numbers of people, it is not unreasonable to make generalisations.
There are many good Muslims in the UK, but that doesn't detract from the fact that having Muslims as a group in the UK is a net negative.

>having Muslims as a group in the UK is a net negative
No. Having people who lob grenades and rape is a net negative.
That an unproportionate amount of those people are Muslim isn't a mark against Islam or Mid-Easterners itself. It's a fine distinction but I think a very important one.
Hurting people is always ultimately an individual's decision. You can't assign moral agency or blame to a collective.

Europeans and Americans are more interested in one's ethnicity. You tell them you're not muslim and if you are from a muslim majority country, they will still treat you like you're muslim. It is impossible to convince them you're not. Also they all have superiority complex and look down on everybody who are not them

Could this "superiority complex" be something to to with different levels of achievement and success?

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nice try Abdul, read this All muslims are taught to hate non muslims since their birth. Your secret is already out. You can't fool anyone who know this.

You are an individual not a country. You didn't contribute anything to that 54% so shut the fuck up

No. Islam is facist oppresive political system and should be banned.

Times will tell if Europe becomes islamic or not. Most likely it will become islamic within 100 years

If a member of another tribe comes to visit your encampment, you should greet him with generosity and send him back home eventually. If another tribe rides into your tribe's territory, you should greet them with bullets.

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Yes, otherwise they would loose important values they never shut up about when they drop bombs on non free countries.
Just make sure they receive a proper education and they'll drop Islam soon enough

Tribal religious complain about Islam again.

Yes, but it is entirely possible one of my descendents will contribute. The graph I provided is just a list of high achievements, on average European are smarter which is why our societies are much better than yours.

Also, countries are made up of individuals bound by blood.

on average asians are smarter than europeans

on average turks are roaches

not an argument

Christianity is better than Islam.
I love Christmas cake!

if muslims r so smart then why didn't you invent pants until the 19th century lmao!

I judge men by their character not their skin colour. Simple as

Secular Persians yes, the rest only in north america.
Theyre incompatible with civilisation.

turks had worn trousers since antiquity

This but for Anglos

>Yes, but it is entirely possible one of my descendents will contribute
Yeah but not you. I'm talking about you and you only here.
>on average European are smarter
This is because you have access to good education. This is our country's IQ map for example. Where I live has an average IQ of 98 which is much higher than eastern parts of the country. You know why? Because we have access to better education here.

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No. Muslim """"culture"""" does not and will not ever fit in with Europe, North America or any other first world places.

Cutlery was introtuced in Turkey in late 19.century.

To that day Turks were eating all food by hands from the floor

>the parts with more ethnic greeks have a higher IQ
Checks out, and british education is garbage, they cant even read analogue clocks.

there are only 2000 ethinic greeks in all of turkey lmao
yeah what's wrong with that? Eating food with your hands is way more natural and healthy than using/reusing the same tools constantly . Besides you didn't answer why do you keep spreading lies?

şöyle tartışmalara niye giriyorsun, forçen'de yeniibne misin nesin

canım sıkılıor moruq zaman geçsin amaç

Greece has an average IQ of 92