If you aren not from this area you cant truly call youself white or european

If you aren not from this area you cant truly call youself white or european.

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you are not european, you are mongoloid invader

you are middle-eastern dweller who with many otheres wandered here after us.
later homo

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quiet negro


I was born in a city very close to the Baltic sea. I love this area like nothing else. Even though I do not live there anymore, I try to spend there a couple of days every year. Early autum is my favourite season.

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Based, Poles are the only white slavs

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I took this photo almost 7 years ago. There is something magical in this part of the world.

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Imagine wanting to be white


The zero accomplishment era?

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How do electricity and indoor plumbing work in this town?

The true oval of whiteness

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these luxuries have yet to reach the african colony known as france

France truly is the most beautiful country on Earth. You snowniggers cannot start to comprehend

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Baltic sea can be extemely beautiful, specially this time at the year.
Light can be pure Violet, with a yellow sun spotting against the clouds.
And that against se blue sea makes a perfect combination.

Its almost like living in a syntwave

How can one smell a nigger and hear so much french-african from one picture?

Its beauty and the beast remastered(now with more africans)

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Your shit is depressing and ugly

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Your picture is just a fuckin tree in a depressing forest, you call this an accomplishment, literally nigger contempt tier

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I understand you are just another butthurt 3rd world nation like brazil and want to show off.
But i wish you to understand this thread isnt for you.

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great pics

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piss-smelling streets is nothing to be proud of you rat

>Cope in irrelevance and 0 architectural or cultural accomplishment

'Look my tree is beautiful, look my plain ugly lighthouse is great'

Truly the niggers of Europe

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i am from this area

There is literally nothing to see in Scandinavia but depressing landscape and cardboard houses

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It is, around that debressing forest has eveloped a europest most cabable nation with highest iq, topping almost every ranking.
Meanwhile in france everything is lost and your only hope is to lick each others brown cheeks.

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you are a tourist in these places you post, show us where you live instead

what is there to see in france besides the immigrant takeover

Do you think Algerians are beautiful?

You guys are so irrelevant culturally speaking, achievements wise etc that I didn't even known your countries existed when I was a kid lmao.

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is this supposed to resonate with us somehow


When I was a kid all I knew was Russia, China and Latvia. What now?

Algerian women are cute

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Can't even locate your shithole on a map lol

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i can. must be the french education

Algerian women tend to be beautiful in general.

Algerian men are ugly and frustrated.

Let's not talk about the Finnish, both their men and women are hideous and depressive.