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سأقضي عليك

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هل تؤيد فصل الدين عن الدولة او فصل الراس عن العنق؟


You stole my first. Also, first, and you?

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أئيد فصل الإسلاميين عن الحيات

>Arabists and Baathists tried to remove this

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ks ekht al din ya zalame. islam zbale, ma tz3l men2i bs hadi al haq

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They removed themselves by all becoming Islamists. Not like communism is even remotely a viable ideology, it only exists in the Arab world so political movements could stings gibs from the USSR during the cold war

Why does it look wonky?

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Hey man keep seething/Crying there's no Arab unity anymore ; )

الحمامة تشبة كلمة عراق



اوكي، الحين يبين.
بس احس غريب شلون النجوم معوقة.


منشان ما تبين طفل و أبله بيضل عم يقاتل العالم بسبب و بلا سبب. انت مثلا متوقع تفوت مينا و تلاقي كل البوسترز بعثيين و صداميين للبيض من يلي بحبن قلبك ؟
شفت قديشك طفل ؟ ما عندك اي شي تدعم فيه نقاشك. متلك متل اي شخص بعثي, ساذج و عديم المنفعة و ما بتصدق قضيتك بالمقام الاول
حتى الاسلاميين عندن قضية و مؤمنين فيها و شخصيا عندي احترام لئلن اكتر من جماعة حزب البعث

Thread begins with you pal

هنا في السوء دان ما يستاهلوا اقل من كدا

الشك بزيد كل يوم بس هو باقي ثقافيا و سياسيا ما بفك

both are based when applied properly

>Sudan more like sa3dan

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No i meant like, the first thing you wrote, i agree with that. Religion and state should separate (it rhymes). And then i asked, "What about you? What do you think?"

Nope, sorry

you have an arsenal of approximately 4-5 arguments always ready at the tip of your tongue. come on man, even salaleaf can do better

Today I prayed for the first time in ages.
I'm feeling better.

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This man is the only reason i dont compltelty you desert shithole.

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أما ما أقبل أجادل مع متخلفين مثلك

Is it true that r*skies hate him now?

threadly remember
Arabism and Kurdism was created by british to divide the ottoman empire


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Reminder that Ottoman Empire was run by Jews that genocides millions and Turks are steppe barbarians from Central Asia

I dont know, you suppuse ask that from them.

Learn speak English you mongoloid retard

I will call all of you with derogatory terms associated with your nationalities and ethnicities after I have had my iftar haha :)

seems like we really do live in a society

Stop embarrassing yourself

same goes to you
and Arabic :^

>hurr I deny Armenian genocide

This is why NOBODY likes Turks

this man is a retard and a thief and he has a fanbase of 15 year olds who browse 4chink without their parents' consent
i hope one day you get someone like him rule over your country so you realize how retarded you sound when you shill for him on hentai forums
انت ما بتجادل اخي المحترم ليث, انت بتنبعص بس. مع حفظ الالقاب طبعاً

أئيد is correct

Only mistake was حيات and I wrote it like it's pronounced

Are you the Copt?

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I'm the one who larps as a copt, I don't think we have actual copts in /mena/

Shut up subhuman.
Typos are natural my from lesser resources made friend.


روح تعلم عربي حاجي عاملي فيها اسد العرب و انت مش عارف تحكي كلمتين عبعض

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>أؤيد : كتبت الهمزة على ولو لأنها جاءت مفتوحة و سبقت بمضموم و الضمة أقوى من الفتحة

شدلنا حالك خال, وين المستويات ؟ ع أساس عروبي و ما بتعرف تكتب عربي

It would've been interesting to see Christians on /mena/.

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How so? What version of authoritarianism will fix everything?

the aussie diaspoor is an assyrian

We had Christian trees not so long ago.

I didn't know that the ASSyrians consider themselves Bedouin nowadays

first you separate mosque from state, then you separate the head from the neck of those who don't agree with it.
there, now you have a society of elites

meant practicing ones, all """Christians""" here are atheists

i'm not an atheist, bitch.

Oh, well, I observed Orthodox lent if it counts.

How does this clip make you feel? youtu.be/pie6L9lw_GE

أنا ما أجي على فورجان حتى أناقش مواضيع جدياد. أنا بس أجي هنا حتى أناقش وأنشر أنمي وألعاب. أغلبية الناس هنا هم حيوانات ما يستاهلون الحوار، فليش أضيع وقتي وياهم؟ عندك سؤآل جدياد؟

you said you don't believe in it.
Tell me what happens in lent

I'm genuinely Christian desu

tell me about your religion

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Why you bully me so hard