EU-bros... how could we let happen?

EU-bros... how could we let happen?

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i thought the population of eu was over 400 million?

The selling of hard liquor is prohibited in my district now
fuck this dysotopian shithole

democratic elections
If China can somehow join an international panel on human rights and appoint some of its most prominent members, I don't really care what NGO's have to say in that regard.

As always, you have to follow the money.

Uneducated rural White people saw a Muslim on the news and ran into daddy's arms and begged him to take control of the press, the courts and the universities. It is that simple.

ten million? S-pain have 47 and we are in the process of making a social-communist regime

too bad the only person concerned with china taking over the world is a bleach-drinking chimpanzee

>too bad the only person concerned with china taking over the world is a bleach-drinking chimpanzee

fakenews. trump wanted tests on injecting "disinfectants" through your skin.

They chose to live under it.
.t Akmed, ISIS terrorist faggot loser

How is this more ridiculous than the US and their Guantanamo though?

How is Guantanamo even remotely comparable to an entire totalitarian state

US history is one gigantic human rights violation. I just don't see why anyone should care about their complaints about China doing the same stuff.

So, human rights violations are okay in moderation?

>Noooo you can't just elect your leaders!!! You must do what we tell you to do!
Sounds very democratic

democracy is a sham

what? Hungary?

The more Westerners attack us, the more I believe that Orbán is right.

You're gonna have to add extra ~40 million if our sorry excuse for presidential elections goes through in May.
Then again, even without manipulating the rules the incumbent would likely win anyway. Democracy sucks when the electorate can be bought with welfare checks from their own taxes.

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you are western though

No. Western Europe begins at the Elbe.

>Western Europe
oh, well i meant you are part of western civilisation, nevermind

And in Finland, we have 5.5 million of them.

This is talking about Hungary I assume

One of the few requirements of being an EU member is being a democracy. Why do the incels sperg out when you point out Hungary is very quickly losing it's democratic framework?

What country's history isn't a human rights violation?


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this. Hungary can do whatever the fuck it wants. assuming it's about Hungary. hard to believe it has 10 mil people.

Democratic free work doesn't mean that Western Liberal """journalists""" tell us how to run our country.

>the eu loves democracy
>unless its a catalonian independence referendum in which case we ignore it lmao

We have 10 million people in Hungary.


you can democratically obtain absolute powers, nothing wrong with it

Heh soyez

Stop it with your pathetic whataboutism. The US having violated human rights literally has zero bearing on the validity of the claim.

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the referendum was against Spain's constitution.

damn. so are we. you must be very densely populated.

concentration camps were entirely legal in nazi germany

>comparable to an entire totalitarian state
You're talking about American, right?

constitution isn't some magic set of rules fallen from the sky, it's written by the inhabitants of a country and they can change it if they see it fit

>constitution isn't some magic set of rules fallen from the sky
He's an American abusing my flag. Yanks view national constitutions in the same way religious nutters view scripture.