When did you accept that China will be the next superpower and your country needs to join them against the USA before...

When did you accept that China will be the next superpower and your country needs to join them against the USA before it is too late?

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Don’t need to say it

>yet another bait thread

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I'm gassed for India to destory China once and for all

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This image is wrong in so many ways

>Japan is equivalent with any region

based lone wolf BVLL country

>Literally going to be the second tributary state after ASEAN goes under
Just like old times eh,have fun paying reparations for the rest of eternity

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just they learned how to cook already
they like to brag about having 4000 years old of culture but they don't seem to have made much progress in the kitchen

>2020 a.d.
>People still post a picture that praises China for "cultural preservation".



cope, Xi is literally a traditionalist
your retarded logic would mean that there are literally no remnants of pre-christian euro culture after all the book burnings and such but that's not true either

Xi brought back confucianism u dumb faggot.

I was thinking this morning if it would be worth iot to study Chinese bc of this. English is the lingua prima for the main reason that US and the Commonwealth are economical superpowers, but this seems to be changing slightly. Sure, English will still be the #1 language for business and international relationships for some time. But... how long exactly? I read the other day that a some Vatican chanel had just launched a Chinese chanel, although the Catholic minority is very small in China (percentage-wise).

Shitty bait thread

The prevalence of Chinese will probably grow but there's 0 chance of it overtaking English as the lingua franca within any of our lifetimes even if China overtakes the US within that time period

>french cuisine
poncey bollox

it's always the same flags

>economical superpowers
You are missing the point, they are (also) the cultural superpower, a lot of entertainment media is produced in the anglophone countries. China doesn't have nor will ever have that. pull. Same thing with Latin or French before, really.

>morality, prosperity, equality

Never have come to the conclusion that China will be the next superpower, especially after this picture.

Idk, man. It seems pretty far away, but it's been only some decades since French was the lingua franca (considering material limitations at the time). It was the most taught language here behind Spanish.


this at least makes sense since they are soulless robots

China would've already colonized you 50 years ago if you didn't have the White Australia Policy s mh

French was still the lingua franca entering the 20th century.
These things take long to change. English will fade even slower since there's an unmeasurable amount of public information written on it on the Internet.

the other way around would be true

Go China, go!

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Clearly you haven't been to Australia. This is no bait, Australia is a Chinese colony.

that's a good point.

Yet another Bat thread

>Clearly you haven't been to Australia
Same goes to you, Yas Forumscunt. I doubt you've ever left your region.

the fires are gone from your land but i see they still burn within you

Let me guess you’ve only ever been to Melbourne and Sydney?