Would you a muslim wife?

Would you a muslim wife?

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Dayooth behavior

>Hey conservatards! If you want to conserve your own culture, why are you intimidated by an aggressive foreign culture in your homeland? Checkmate!

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Middle eastern ethnicity, yes, but not muslim

I like them, but they have a very strange character. I'd prefer a white (preferably med or slav) women, because where I'm at with her.

I guess, as long as we keep the religious stuff out of the house.
And apart from that the other requirements for a wife.

No, I wouldn't marry a theist

She would infect my children with her stupidity

all of that shit plus a million years singing the national anthem will not make you white

no because she'd be insistent on having muslim kids that she would turn against me if i pull the "we're catholic now" card

So basically ''just don't wear hijab''?

every muslim woman over 25 is a fat fuck

>Would you a wife?
>lol no

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will my children have turd-colored eyes?

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so basically a Spaniard?

She also smells like a camel's asshole and wouldn't think twice about detonating a suicide vest in my child's school. Keep them out!

Muslim women aren't allowed to marry non-muslims

>Islam is only about wearing a Hijab
You're not taking Islam ver serious, are you?

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No thanks I'm a liberal(The real ones, not progressives)

>Muslim women aren't allowed to marry non-muslims

Are Fingol "males" allowed to have BALLS?

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>Isn't vegetarian

If you chocolate is that color it has already been eaten, tatar pidor


Vedic religion included the slaughter of Bvlls, why did you remove it.


Thank god, no

Love dark eyes
Light blue looks like blind or dead eyes

It's okay, I'd rather not have you destroy the genepool of white people.

More like I don't want her to pray five times a day or try to indoctrinate the kids

I have blue eyes myself

maybe straight from the middle east, muslims in western countries are either ghetto trash or 110 IQ humanities students that are somehow far-left feminists and also proud muslims and think they are hot shit because all her friends are even more retarded than her

please think before you cringe


Muslims are universally low IQ

marrying muslim is one of the most stupid thing you can ever do.

muslims hate fun, plus, you will not only marry her but also her family, think about it.

>muslims hate fun


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I don't care I just want to be loved.

do you realise that even music is haram?

Wrong religion though, would be based if Catholic. Why do lefties think all religions are the same?