How would people react if I wore this in your country?

How would people react if I wore this in your country?

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They would probably look at the shirt, look at you and then continue to ignore you and go about their business.

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they would show me how histrolically literate they are and talk about how invdaing russia in the winter along with playing the soviet anthem

Stalin/communism are unknown here

someone would take pictures of you and write an angry comment about leftists on some alt-right newspaper nobody reads.


Some people would probably say: "PETISTA COMUNA!"
and others would say: "LULA LIVRE"

Angry libtards will boo at you.

You'd be called out for beliving in retarded shit

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some tennage soycuck would get angry and rant about it on youtube

How would people react if I wore this in your country?

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How would ruskies react if this based black man strolled on to the Moscow subway?

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In Madrid they'd be like
>dayum so brave
And then a brown guy would punch you because he's a neonazi

If wore by a boomer, zoomers would get butthurt. If wore by zoomer everyone would take it as a joke.

if you were traveling by train or bus people would probably try to take pictures of you

Hitler too is unknown
Hitler is used as a substitute for saying strict man or evil man
Like the school principal is literally hitler

It's good that these political ideology mental masturbations are kept out of Indian minds

They'd think you're a weird sex pervert.

Is that a picture of China or Australia? I really can't tell the difference these days.

Might get laughed at and pointed at.

the EU police would shoot you

nobody would give a shit

He'd get knocked out

I doubt that anyone would give a single shit.

Some would try to stab you. Some would support you. Most would be either disgusted or indifferent, sadly.

if you wore it at any of the colleges you'd be a popular guy

people would think edgy tankie leftist or whatever its called (because "regular leftists" will typically dislike soviet union) or just someone that wants attention

If anyone realized what the pattern is, they'd laugh. Maybe chinks would get what the writing means, too.

No pasarán? Pasamos y pasaremos, vencimos y venceremos.

¡Arriba España!

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literally me on Yas Forums

A hero we all need

There is no European police, there is Spanish police, French police, Italian police and Swedish police, etc, etc, etc.

Only one of those polices that I mentioned shoots people with Down syndrome.

It depends.
Communists will kiss and invite you to gaysex party at dacha.
Some churkas might catch you and film how they humiliate and beat you, then they'll force you to appologize and let you go but without clothes.
Liberals only can make a photo of you and post it on twitter.

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I dunno, but you can buy it for $15 here.

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