Guess this guys race?

guess this guys race?
could he pass as a local in your cunt

>some sort of slav (from my 1st guess)
>yes he would

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same as op, except the flag

OP here, you will surprised once I tell you. Will wait for a few anons to guess first though.


Russian or Ukrainian? he kinda looks like younger igor

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nope keep guessing.

Nigga he's either something baltic or slavic or nordic baltic rapebaby




correct. He is an american mulatto, white mother, black father.

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and what race is his mother? Actual race, not a meme one, like "white"

Would he be able to say the N-word? Also lol at all the thirsty women saying he is “fine”

Seriously how wasn’t this the first guess, I guess that kind of mix is only common here

I saw many jews in my life and he looks like jew 100%


What was the point of the thread? he looks not black at all

well, I believe the town they live in is in a Midwestern so most likely of german descendant.

yeah he can say it I believe. What's weird is he look just like a young leonardo dicaprio.

Because other countries don't call non-black looking people black like mutts do.

damn why do slavs look like american mulattoes

This stuff is inconceivable, American mutts intrigue me, some look completely black and some look completely white. I just wanted to see what my fellow Yas Forums users would think.


I mean, there are a fair amount of interracial marriages in the US, this is just an outlier. Most mulattos that I know aren’t that white

Our Italians look like south american black mestiz mutts

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Slavs don't have curly hair
He look like jew or italian which is the same thing

""""mulatto""" his father is probably 1/4 black or something.
I knew he was mixed by his face but he has light hair, fair skin and somewhat of a caucasoid face. No fucking way he is 1/2 black.

Fuck this gay earth

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That's how all italians look. Either jew, north african or mexican

He is a criminal?

what do you mean? The hodge twins who have 2 black parents did a DNA test and came out only 50 somthing % black. Mutt DNA is strange.

The guy in the thread has a fully american black father

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The chances of me having a child that looks like that if I intermarry are very slim.

how is having straight asian hair any better? i bet you were born with that blue spot too mr Kublai