Based American banter

Based American banter

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It's funny. Last time I checked it were the Americans who gave us malaria, ebola, swine flu and the spanish flu.

Also, who's not to say this was an American made virus? They probably just let it loose during the military games.

Yes, before you ask, my name is João Chang and I'm a Chinese Brazilian.

dude take your meds

You just know it’s white women getting upset by this and no one else.

The only white women worth a fuck are boomers

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>João Chang and I'm a Chinese Brazilian.
Taiwan numba wan , my palpai.

How is that racist?

Then you should be in favor of lifting quarantine since it only kills boomers.

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Fact: if China is responsible for covid-19, then France or the UK are responsible for AIDS.


weeee weee weee it's racist!

how so, did Queen fuck your gay mom?

american politics 101: if you disagree with something call it racist

AIDS appeared in 1920. The areas where chimpanzees live were a french or a british colony at that time.

Woah there! That's racist to freedom fighters to freed themselves from you silly pepes!

>Chinese Brazilian
I bet you also have the nerve to call us mutts, too.
I'll try and find it but when the White House started accusing china of accidentally leaking this out of their bio lab in Wuhan, they basically admitted to it coming from the animal market and abandoned their conspiracy theory about fort deitrich.
I'll look for it.

Shut the fuck up Lee. Your country is rightful China clay. You'll speak Chinese in forseeable future. So learn Chinese, fucking Singaporean piece of shit who thinks he is white because he speaks english.

No im chink. i'm just not a dirty commie like you, carlos the white.

You're a fucking malai, you are trash speak chinese.

whats racist about this?

I'm Chinese too. Shut the fuck up. Your country wouldn't even exist if it weren't for our presence in south China sea. Learn to respect your master.

>swine flu
>spanish flu
disputed origin but probably not the US

>my name is João Chang and I'm a Chinese Brazilian.
Hello, based department?

Yes ok. Whole of europe is USA's lap dog. You're ball licker of US.

based time traveling american scientists creating malaria 50,000 years ago

take a look in the mirror if you want to see US lapdogs, fag

>China in charge of colonies

Kek, opium war. Liberate HK, revolution of times!

they're 50% chinese DNA ,yes.

>China co ml completely cracks down on wet markets directly as a result of SARS-COV-2
>uh uh...the scary US military did it!
>You know, because they're evil n stuff.

this would be good banter if it didn't said wuhan plague
why do americans ruin everything

>swine flu
>spanish flu
>disputed origin but probably not the US
What? Mate, "swine flu" originated in Mexico and was spread around the world by Americans. Racist yank cunts were calling it a "Mexican virus" for a while there. Spanish flu also almost certainly originated in the USA.