i wanna kiss andy samberg

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yeah sex is cool but you know what is cooler? eternal salvation

Unless they have small chebs in which case their nipples are too sensitive. The ex used to hate having her chebs licked and sucked

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the 'ts

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Good edition


Feel very accomplished having completed my first heelflip. Wouldn't have been able to do this if it weren't for based lockdown.

you think THIS is good? you should see moni's arse pics o nher onlyfans PHWOARRRRR

Remove the Grau 5.56

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lol @ dem pupils they tripplin balls



love cricket, the one sport yanks will never touch

gday boys

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a man's game

Need to be cryogenically put to sleep till this lockdowns over

not really having many encounters with/against the grau but I've heard its got quite the rep

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/École _Polytechnique_massacre
>Lépine then separated the nine women from the approximately fifty men and ordered the men to leave. He asked the remaining women whether they knew why they were there, and when one student replied, "No," he answered, "I am fighting feminism." One of the students, Nathalie Provost, said, "Look, we are just women studying engineering, not necessarily feminists ready to march on the streets to shout we are against men, just students intent on leading a normal life." Lépine responded, "You're women, you're going to be engineers. You're all a bunch of feminists. I hate feminists." He then opened fire on the students from left to right
Why do so many men struggle with just having sex?

Need to be cryogenically put to sleep till the British Empire is reformed

What’s your wank recovery strategy folks? For me it’s two multivitamins and downing 2 litres of milk, the replenishment of valuable minerals lost during the wank usually means I’m able to shoot a decent load the next day


effay af

He's so fucking peng

holy based

it's been said a million times before yet I'll say it again

literally just have sex

Basically they all have some kind of social learning difficulty but sadly it is true that if you're a man like that your chances of having sex are minimal. obviously it drives some of them into a rage.

found the pleb


I miss girls lads. Not just the sex but their smell, their laughter, how they feel in your arms as you dance with them. Their breath on your cheek. Lockdown is horrible.

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>Why do so many men struggle with just having sex?
Men don't, proto human rubble does.

You need that ZMA stack to shoot a good load

love whites
love blacks
love jews
hate slants
hate dune coons
simple as

honestly cant be arsed lads.
there is nothing enjoyable in life. the only thing there is these days is the stress of work.

i think prior to the lockdown, at least i had gym toil as a sort of valve but now i have nothing whatsoever. i am getting fat and unfit, and just spend the weekends dreading mondays.

Shit gimmick mate

shut up faggot

You brits need to colonize us again :^)

How do you define evil?

never experienced any of this and never will

imagine spending all day here disrespecting an innocent woman lmao, you utter fucking pathetic loser, sort your life out

yeah you will


just go full prison workout/training montage mode

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shut the fuck up GADDHAR

definitely not innocent

no i won’t i’m to short for any woman to ever love

Evil is Evil. Lesser, greater, middling… Makes no difference. The degree is arbitary. The definition’s blurred. If I’m to choose between one evil and another… I’d rather not choose at all.

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i am dreading monday lads. i spent till 6pm toiling away yesterday.
on monday morning i have to hit the ground running.

i can't extricate myself from toil.
there's fuck all to distract myself with. i dont have any other hings im putting effort into at the moment

Hello Arthur Calwell

girls are easy, but finding a good one is hard

sucking a swamp bubble

Not a problem when for Chad; they get horny and lonely in their homes and NEED to feel Chads embrace.

Shit gimmick mate

By hook or by crook I'm getting my arse filled tonight

The brits still control their colonies financially and materially

Been playing ground war to rank up some of my guns. Grau is like a fucking laser beam when i watch the killcam theres like 0 recoil BAN IT NOW FUCK

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Love Changes Everything

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Slags night in.

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heh heh

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Thank fuck that's not actually true

love whites
love lebs
love jews
hate blacks
hate slants


literally me



But they do. Only today the United Nations uses American military forces supplemented by the forces of other nations and paid for by the taxpayers of member nations. And today they control the politics and economies of South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and . . . the USA.


soon my brother

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if not for toil I'd just drink all day every day and eat like shit as I do religiously at weekends

kek this is me



you wouldnt be able to afford to do that without toil

mental how are emzy doesn't have lips