In Arizona during 2015...

>In Arizona during 2015, a fan took his appreciation of camgirls to an illegal level when he was indicted for spending $476,000 on a company credit card, which he used for tips on camming websites.

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calling bullshit. I have a business credit card with a daily max of 20k. If I spend even $20 I am expected to have a purchase order submitted with a receipt of services within a week

>He spent more than $100,000 on My**** alone, and sent $26,800 to one cam model in particular to pay for her college tuition bill and new tires for her car. According to the indictment, he also purchased flowers, chocolates, electronic equipment, shoes, a TV, a handbag, laptop computer, and an iPod for some of his favorite camgirls.

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I feel a sudden urge to kill both of them.

w*stoid boys are such simps

This is literally peak capitalism

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>even has a lawyer for all her money cucks

>daily max of 20k
lmao I don't even have 10k euro a month

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That this is even possible and that these simps exist makes me feel sick

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it hurts

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is it a roleplay post? do these men actually have sex with the women at the end?

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Do Americans really do this?

How is this legal?

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Why does society defend this slut and her right to scam loser off their money?
Fucking degenerate shithole culture we have.

giving camgirls money isn't just an american thing tho

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I'm not defending it but troglodytes who give money to them absolutely deserve to be drained. Imagine being so fucking retarded you pay money to some whore for pics and videos. These people are oxygen waste.

Never heard pf such a thing here. In fact spending a lot of money on women is considered very weird.

Is that a van gogh reference?

Don't you die soon after you cut your ear off or something from some disease?

Both deserve the rope.

ignoring the problem won't make it smaller tho
maybe there's a way to beat some sense into those """guys"""

I'm beyond disgusted.
These simps are making thots tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars for shaking their ass on camera.
Some working families don't make that in a year, there are people with doctorates that don't make that in a year. How the fuck can justice be real when this is allowed?

I used to despise thots but then I realized there'd be no thots without thot enablers
these mrn are sick in the head and should be put down


If the genders were reversed, there would already be a law and pressure groups against this exploitation.

Hate the game, not the player.

A fool and his money.

the women on these sites are just cashing in on males biological COOOCOOOMFUCKISEXSEXSEX need. it's like if a woman shows her cleavage, it's very hard not to look even though you know you shouldn't. the men donating thousand probably lost their will a long time ago and it's pathetic obviously. both of them are in the wrong. in fact onlyfans and camgirl sites are only hurting women's image that they can be more and reinforcing the idea that a womans body is their only asset

In comm*n law, contracts are more important than law.

Guys have onlyfans too

I bet those are homosexuells, scamming other men. There is no way a man can exploit women like that.

maybe you should get an ass like that if you want monies that much instead of "doctorates"

We wanted to be free and see what happens in the world. Well, this is happening, people are free to waste their money however they want.

What if I took pics from /soc/ and started an onlyfans pretending to be that girl?

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Quite pathetic but I have to admire the fact that they're making that much cheddar
Some men are so pathetic and are worse than whores if you ask me
At least get a prostitute or something, this is just sad

It's the IT nerds. The industry boomed, wages rose to upper-middle class, and the people who took those wages were mostly nerd incels with an infantile social development who just came out of uni yesterday. It's surprising that this didn't happen back in 2000

would be pretty based, fuck simps

Delightfully devilish Nigel.

Some are straight and ive seen women worship them on twitter. Also yeah they probably get faggot simps as well. Onlyfans creators should be murdered and everyone who used it audited to pay back all they earned

Those working people don't have nice asses that they're willing to show off. University education is a scam that's been created by those who are highly educated.

>Make product people want
>People buy
Wow. What a concept. How many people would be disgusted at your Yas Forums pass purchase or your 70th WoW renewal? Every incel in this thread (specially me) needs to kys yourselves ASAP

I used to be a camboy. There's a market if you have nice abs and a decent face. Also, you gotta be carrying more than 6"

this is peak feminism

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