Why do MENA girls want to marry white guys so badly?

Why do MENA girls want to marry white guys so badly?

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That's a tranny

everyone prefers whites but few like to admit it.
if you're white and convert to islam you'll have half the guys in the mosque trying to get you to marry their daughters.

based charls

it's only natural, if you are a sub 5 with blonde hair and blue eyes you will slay in asia.

if you are an average looking black you will slay in eastern europe

that girl is iranian btw

go worship fire majos cuck.

I'll take one of your daughters or sisters please.

How tall is Charls?

Money, same reason all Women choose to marry a certain person.

The real question is why white girls(and white men to an extent) all want to get fucked by black guys?

Would you rather pick dirty, hairy, poor Ahmed or clean, well groomed, rich John?

>that pitiful "mustache"

why can't wh*Te(non-med) "men" grow mustache? are they too feminine?

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wow she really is gorgeous, looks like Esmeralda from Notre Damme
brother, please introduce me to your mosque
t. Sarmatian

we dont

both, piggybank and non soy

t. fag

Nafris women prefer black men.

Varg can grow some serious mustache.

she is kuwaiti i guess

Israel is Europe, not MENA.

Nobody thinks about j*ws while talking about MENA.
Israel is a mistake, give back the land to the Palestine people.

Israel is a multi-racial state, the Ashkenazi Jews who control everything are basically ethnic Europeans whole the Sephardic ones are shitskins.

learn geography

not all israelis are ashkenazim

don't lie you filthy kike

>she is kuwaiti i guess
she's iranian who was born in kuwait. Her parents moved there before she was born. I wish she didn't delete her tweets where she called out gulfie subhumans

I fall into a depressive episode everytime I see a picture of that girl posted

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Only iranians do that


She's hot. But how did Charls manage to find someone that much shorter than him?

she was an MDE fan, but unlike Sam, charls like girls over the age of 16. This one is 22

Sorry but her face screams plastic surgery. I'm 100% she got a nose job

She has the most beautiful face I've ever seen

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>tfw med and not white enough to get arranged marriage with iranian girl

you've lost your mind bro

Albanian girls look way better
She is nothing special

T. Albanian incel.

I think it's just lots of make-up that makes her look weird.

first time i realize it's the guy from MDE

also, there are female MDE fans?

so what's the lore behind Charls political outlook, I always assumed he was some secret Nazi like Sam Hyde, next thing I see he is dating an Arab and streaming in Kuwait