Would I pass for a local in your cunt?

Would I pass for a local in your cunt?

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100% yes

In some regions you could


>long hair
are you gay?

What’s wrong with a mullet?

>wooooow long hair gays are so degenerate woooooooow cut off their nipples mmmmmmmmm wooow

ivan get a grasp

are you angry cause your ass got hurt during gay sex?

>t. slavic rapebabies

wtf mutts and latinos said russians aren't white. you're whiter than all of our posters kek

Do not buy into propaganda

how do you consider yourself heterosexual when putin assrapes your basic freedoms everyday

You look more German than Russian tbqh

Freedom - svoboda is a female therefore it’s not gay



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No there are no gays in my cunt

We sent all the gays to straya, this is why aussie accent is so poofy

I don't care about shit like homo parades getting banned since I'm straight


Damn Italy. That bad huh?

Because germans, just like you swedes have substantial slav and baltic admixture. You on several occassions look like them

yes, but we have lots of Slavs

What's bad?

Putin recently changed the Russian citizenship laws. Now Russia will be invaded by Central Asians kek

>oh no, immigrants are taking low-skill jobs with shit pay
>UGH, just saw a paki and a local lad having fun together, this is NOT what EVROPA should be about

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No whites

ssssh don't shatter his worldview scandis think scandinavia is pure nordids

Yes and it's heaven on earth

>paki and a local lad
local girl*

You look like Greta lmao

You brush this off as inconsequential, but this will have far-reaching implications. Remember, there was a point in British history when there were only a few pakis here.

Putin has realised he cannot get Russians to make Russian kids, so now the replacement migration begins.

This is America.
Everyone passes for a local.