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I've always wondered why 4channers embrace fascism, when they would be the first one to suffer for their degeneracy in a real fascist regime.

since when does fascism not have human rights?

If I agree with the facsist he can do what ever the fuck they want. Declare themselves god so long as the leftists cry.

>forced abortions
>gun control
>free speech restrictions
>lack of religious freedom
gee, I dunno

>Declare themselves god so long as the leftists cry
Literal cuck mentality

>I want to be a cuck and submit because at least some libtards will get pwnd

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everyone thinks they'd be the one on top in illiberal regimes

They say this while holding a communist flag which would take away even more of their rights ironically

You're from demnark who cares your opinion.

>tfw temporarily embarrassed millionaire in a nepotistic capitalist dystopia myself


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im confused we talking about communism or fascism?

Look up gun conttol in Nazi germany

would you agree to be executed by your facist god f├╝hrer just to rekt the libtards?



For me, it's absolute Monarchy

I want to kidnap, rape and murder Australian children. I want to gouge their eyeballs out, shove my brown 8 incher up their entrails and delight on their screams of anguish

I dont want to have a authoritarian regime, I want to have it like we have it now just with more racial policies.

The woke thing is to realize that they are the same. Fascism = communism, but with catholics

Me too. And not even racial policies, just stop importing people on a massive scale and make it harder to become a citizen.

I want a country like apartheid South Africa.

>be Yas Forums user
>live in a liberal society
>liberal society names Fascism as its number one enemy
>Yas Forums users suffer in the liberal society
>"Hmm if I suffer here, it must be awesome in the number one enemy of the liberal society"

chan users suffer in the liberal society
They don't though. The average Yas Forums user likes a strong welfare state with neetbux and liberal social rights (i.e. they aren't shunned for masturbating to anime), they just don't like niggers.

a facist regime would outlaw Yas Forums, anime and porn
It would help 4channers to get rid of their addictions

>outlawing stuff makes them inaccessible
Very german answer. People totally don't do crimes, right?

dude, everyone is born equal but foreigner need to fuck off my country
t.left-wing nationalism

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>The woke thing is to realize that they are the same. Fascism = communism, but with catholics
Ehh im not going to completely disagree but when you have such explicitly defeined political doctrine even if assuming they were extremely similar i wouldn't say they were the same

>i am too stupid to do it myself so please force me

If we close the borders there will still be groups of non-Norwegians that can mix with the ethnic Norwegians and pollute the gene pool, we need to ban race mixing all together.
We could get them to sterilize themselves so they stop breeding.

>you can't like fascism because fascists get a bullet to the back of the head

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>Yas Forums users suffer in the liberal society
Being so obsessed with BBC, you can't look at a white woman and black man in the same room without angrily fantasizing about him dropping fat mandingo loads in her fertile pussy is their own problem.

It sounds to me like you are not genuinely looking for an answer for your question.
You just like the idea to appear smart and ignore everything that could hurt that narrative

no one wants to hear about your cuck fantasies

majority of anti fascists are communists so I don't think they have an issue with abusing human rights

yet here you are wasting your time on Yas Forums

Fascists are repressed manchildren who need government mommy to straighten them out.

They're obviously not the same, my point is merely that all authoritarian regimes tend to limit civil rights.

I personally prefer that I can tell which girls I don't want to associate with by the fact that they have mutt children. That way I can easily filter them out without risking having married one and then finding out she could potentially fuck a nigger behind my back.

This, but without redistribution of wealth and authoritarianism.

>It sounds to me like you are not genuinely looking for an answer for your question.
Obviously, because it was a fucking rethorical question you dumb humorless german.

This is the real answer:

Imagine feeling oppressed by cuck fantasies you yourself imagine. Fascists are pathetic creatures.

My mistake, I thought you were a seeker of knowledge

He's not the one saying he needs literal fascism to stop lurking Yas Forums and masturbating though.

we should sterilize all migrants.

>seeker of knowledge
If I were, I wouldn't be asking questions from porn-addicted NEETs on Yas Forums who need fascism to stop masturbating, would I?

We should allow migrants at all. Just send them back.

i fucking love benzos bros

go marry your bf you faggot

THIS. I believe a .45 ACP is effective

That hit a little close to home, did it?

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Norway? More like Norgay

Thanks friend

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yes that would be preferable, but more unrealistic. If *someone* chemically sterilized every foreginer at the stations they have to go through, hmm.

I think Israel does this. Israel is not dumb