I present to you the 28 future member states of the United States of Europe

I present to you the 28 future member states of the United States of Europe

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yikes bro you just done doop diddly pop posted some frickin cringe bro

>equally sized

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based bro you just done blown the f*ck out some frickin redpills bro

Very bad map.

You turned the glory land of Catalonia into a shithole, thanks

ys equally sized = equal power and representation

i see it all makes sense now

>Has 0 people with actual Prussian blood(Not the Teuton Larpers)
>Holds 0 of actual Prussian territories.

nations once not landlocked are now landlocked with this map. seems like a shitty deal if you ask me.

you don't understand that this is all supposed to be one nation. One USE

Next time we team up with muslims to permanently remove a*stria from the memory loop.

the sovereignty of european nations shall not be infringed (unless the people of europe bend over and take it up the ass and then allow something like that to happen of course)

who is u? Are you a citizen of the state of Vistula, Czecho-Silesia, Carpathia or Prussia?

Fuck off mutts.

Same shit
Same garbage

For me, it's Adriatica

t. uralo-slavic-turkic-hunnic mutt

the souvereignty of Europe shall not be infringed indeed. By foreign powers like US or China who threaten it the most

Shitty troll

>finally uniting Catalonia, Valencia and Septimania
I'd say based.

Please come and grant us 2nd Amendment based Americans
I can't stand living under the
>Aristocracy has the sole right to have guns to protect the peasant masses
mindset of Western Europeans

>mfw i'll wake up in the same country with Rome and Naples.
i'd rather burn the whole region down than share my taxes with those niggers

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It doesnt even respect internal borders of states and lower saxony has nothing to do with the east german saxony stop trying to throw us together retard.

Niedersachsen = Richtiges Sachsen
"""Sachsen""" = Slav mutts

True, thats my point I dont want to be thrown together with these slavs. Also I want my coast back.

i'm ok with this

just puked while jerking a little


EU is collapsing sorry

What if some other nation joins? Reform everything?

>Russia annexes all of Europe because everyone else has been partitioned but it's still big
You keep making these meme maps with the same flaw each time.