Your country

>Your country
>What are your most controversial/least socially acceptable opinions?

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if your opinion isn't socially acceptable it usually has a reason, because it's a retarded opinion
I don't think I have such opinions

Bitch, my opinion is that you're a faggot but that ain't controversial

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>le capitalism good
That would get you beaten up over here.

If you are anywhere close to recognizing Kosovo, or even making a compromise, then you're fucked.

I love it that whenever ads like this pop up they literally make the news while shit like this doesn't lmao

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The solution to nearly every problem in the world is population control. Everywhere is overpopulated, even countries with “dangerously low” birthrates. Immigration & organic growth are both unsustainable even in the short term. Anthropogenic climate change wouldn’t exist and poverty would be nearly eradicated if action had been taken in the 60s when the topic first came up

I support young marriage.

how young?

Not boing by age, my vision is that cousples who wish to get married will get into a school, they get thought about raising children and family, and get tested by a psychologist to see if they are capable of raising children.

Well I have antisemitic views.

non whites should be deported until the country is ~85% white

I think that the Swedish Central Bureau of Statistics should start recording ethnicity/race.

the scandinavian languages are worthless because of all the ugly loanwords. icelandic is the only respectable one.

Or you could go back to the UK and we bring the non-whites from the UK to Australia. It's a win-win.

That borders are there for a reason and should be protected.
I shit you not, that is actually the worst opinion you can have, it is way easier to public speak out for drugs, lower the age for sex, puttings people with the "wrong" views in camps etc.

I wouldn't deport abos, that'd be stupid. Also I am not anglo

>drugs, lower the age for sex
victimless "crimes"
>puttings people with the "wrong" views in camps
no that's a bullshit strawman from people who wanna portray themselves as victim

Loanwords from what? Just English or German, French etc. too?

most are from low german, latin and greek. the english ones piss me off too but i hate when people defend the use of latin words because they are "scientific" and "enrichen" our languages.

I basically share Yas Forums's believes about Jews: they are the driving force behind most degeneracy and mass immigration.

>If the majority believes it, then it's (usually) true
t. socially engineered drone

t. delusional retard who thinks he's smart

advocating for a German nation, based on genetical heritage

The majority of the world has been wrong on the majority of things, they believed in. So probability is on my side, actual NPC.

Ach mein gott, someone call Merkel, hans is getting out of the cage

if you german nationalists weren't just drooling retards you would know that a true german language without latin loanwords would restore germany much more than starting yet another war

>The majority of the world has been wrong on the majority of things, they believed in
I doubt that. And regardless if it's true or not, modern societies usually believe things because there's evidence for that, if there's new evidence that contradicts that belief, the belief is changed. But keep calling me drone or whatever if it makes you feel like a cool epic rebel who sees through it all.

I'm a white nationalist, not a German one. Besides that, conserving linguistic traditions is just cosmetics. But, it's more productive than yet another disastrous world-war, that's true.

if you actually think the media doesn't put a spin on absolutely everything then I have a bridge to sell you

criticizing jews or downplaying importance of holocaust
even criticizing israel is very dangerous

Aahr NHS is shit

name one thing that is more german than the language. i'll wait.

in my country:
alcohol should be allowed to be sold by every store.
bars should be able to chose their own opening times
drugs shouldn't be illegal
god isn't real


You doubt it, because you lack the historical knowledge. To give you an example, in the 20th century half the world was wrong about Marxist-Leninist ideas. Besides this, you admitted yourself that modern society is as ignorant as all societies, have been: If their "knowledge" erodes under the stream of experience, or the collecting of new "evidence", as you put it, then how "true" can momentaneous "knowledge" genuinely be considered? Truth is, "knowledge" is power and NOT the truth. In other words, you know what you are forced to know.