Thoughts on this count?

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I kinda feel bad that they hate us they're actually based

semi-muslims who are racially inferior to actual Europeans including Slovenes

Genocidal subhuman bulgar looking Slavs.
Started world war 1, and literally genocide every other ethnic group they come into contact with. They hate everyone and everyone hates them

My flag :)

Genocidal people what they did in bosnia was unjustifiable but kosovo is serbian territory.

we killed some of them once.

>Greeks like us
>Romanians like us
So that's 2 out of 3 actual ethnic groups in Balkans, excluding Serbs. Bulgarians don't really hate us.

Shithole alongside with their kin.

So you side on the serbs side against the Albanians?
What kind of turk are you

Get in the fucking car morty

The only reason serbs didn't try to massacre Greeks was because they saw them as their orthodox brothers

>what they did in Bosnia is unjustifiable
War crimes sure but war happened because Muslims wanted it. Bosnia is pretty much a non-state so Serbs had every right to resist the attempts of Muslim government to control them.

we had same kind of war with armenia and situation was almost same kosovo was backed by albania and usa in our story armenia was backed by russia. It is same story different relgions.

Serbs are literally the only people who suffered an actual genocide in Balkans (in WW2). History doesn't start in 1995.

but genocide is not a way to achieve peace.

Unironically did nothing wrong

I'm a turko Albanian. Turks took Armenian lands, not that I'm sticking up for the armenians

Romania let Nato use their country without them even being a member during the Kosovo war I don't think the older generations in Serbia respect Romanians the same way
The only "romanian" that legitimately fought for Serbia was a szekely bozgor in their army that shot down a Nato jet

Serbs have a warm heart and are soulful people.

Šiptare in the other hand are legitimate scoundrels who will even cheat guests in their own country.

t. personal experience

There was no genocide though. There were war crimes, one of which is categorized as "genocide" but that's legal definition. There was no actual attempt to destroy Muslims in Bosnia. ICJ verdict literally says so.
No they didn't.

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Yeah it is fucked up situation best to not choose sides in this kind of shitty wars. Caucaus and Balkans have more border desputes than african countries.

we will never know if Romania sent oil to Serbia when there were restrictions in place

Neither are good hearted

Absolutely disgusting

incorrect there, mr bogan

Death to Bosnia
Serbia best country
I make rap for Serbian people

Ex slave country

Have a Serb ever seen Tupac there? Is he like some sort of yeti-tier legend?


Most Romanians are dumb and still support Serbia. Not recognizing Kosovo was a mistake.

tell me about crna gora in the 90s war.

i get all my opinions from this book because it seems the only comprehensive unbiased source, but it doesn't say much about the then montenegrin lands. actually the only impression i got was that it was populated with ill-educated jna reservists who used the opportunity of chaos to raid croatian coastal towns. nothing at all of admiration. again my impression, not opinion, yours is one of my favourite cunts.

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The great injustice done to just people

Western powers like to project too much of their own thoughts on things that don't concern them, really no one here bothers as much about muh genocide other than that one day in the year, people do try to retain a forward perspective and build healthy relations for the future, some Balkanite subhumans died just like in all previous wars, who cares

I've yet to see 1 (ONE) valid reason why it shouldn't be nuked out of existence.

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The fallout would affect the neighboring countries and the non-Serbs that live in it.

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Remove kebab

Some had that luck. One day I hope I will see him too

lol objasni ovu sliku molim

In short, before the war old communist guard was replaced by new "communists" in a coup sponsored by Milošević. Back then they were die-hard Serbian nationalists.
Besides the Dubrovnik episode, some people volunteered and fought in Bosnia but that's it.
They generally backed Milošević or stayed out of his way until Americans co-opted one of two leaders (Đukanović) to distance himself from him. Bulatović remained loyal and was removed from power, original party split on these lines.
Then Đukanović reinvented himself as a liberal democrat and what not and since then he's in charge for the last 23 or so years. He's a ridiculous kleptocrat and since then he's pushing for "Montenegrin" identity to create divisions. Line between state and organized crime is blurred or non-existant. Only reason he remains in power is because he can buy or rig elections and Westerners won't says shit because now he positioned himself as anti-Russian and forced us into NATO.

However lately his party was implicated in some serious scandals (a former tycoon who bankrolled them went against them), then they tried to go on attack and take the property of Serbian Church, but it backfired and you had like quarter or fifth of the population on the streets every week just before this corona shit hit.
Now due to virus our tourist season (25% of GDP) is basically dead. They can maybe edge it out in elections by brutal rigging and vote buying, but they are pretty much doomed.

Cool people, very friendly and hospitable just like most of Balkan people but Serbia has a special place in my heart because I met many Serbs and they were all super chill

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