British colonization is shit

Imagine thinking british colonization was actually good
Imagine spending your time in poverty in a new land praising some cultist bullshit, instead of getting in touch with the locals and guaranteeing the survival of the true faith and your empire through enjoying life and sunshine

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Still, Brazil is geographically the biggest shithole on earth, man.


Imagine fetishizing and admiring your colonizers... Oh wait

Nah, it is pretty good for enjoying life and sunshine. Profits and production mean nothing

if anything we fetishize native girls

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I didn't read anything you just posted all I could think of was the collective GDP and HDI of Britain's colonies.

god i wish i was colonised like them

Not according to OP you don't.

ur happy u went from trad barbarians to mutt jungle monkeys? cringe but mkay i guess

regarding the meme:
"It's shite being Scottish!
We're the lowest of the low!
The scum of the fucking Earth!
The most wretched, miserable, servile, pathetic trash, that was shat into civilisation!
Some people hate the English, I don't! They're just wankers!
We, on the other hand, are colonised by wankers!
Can't even find a decent culture to be colonised by!
We're ruled by effete assholes!
It's a shite state of affairs to be in Tommy,
and all the fresh air in the world won't make any fucking difference!"

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I'd pick the US's cool weather over Brazil's green hell, any day.

>colonization of USA
creates world superpower unequaled in history
>colonization of south america
creates irrelevant shitholes that will forever remain both irrelevant and shit

The only reason why the British empire was successful is because they manipulated capitalism in order to succeed
They took south africa for the diamonds and they took the middle east for the suez canal and oil and they had a large profit in return from the investment they made it was kind of jewish but it was sustainable for their empire
No one gave a shit about Portugal's empire anymore once slavery ended considering that was their only profitable commodity that their empire was able to produce with the land they owned

Spain and Portugal colonized South America for gold and silver, first and foremost.

It wasn't truly profitable if it didn't help them win against Napoleon though
The British empire was able to payroll all of their wars with their own wealth they were in debt when they lost against the Amerilards thats the only reason why they lost against us

>they were in debt when they lost against the Amerilards thats the only reason why they lost against us
No. They lost because the French navy blockaded the American east coast and the Brits could not reinforce or ship supplies. Remember that France won Yorktown.

Based, now it's time for our brazilians sons to colonize the US

They still won the war on the front in Gibraltar and India which nobody ever talks about because they were already able to sustain their economic sphere of influence and had already beat ur country's navy by that point in history

Imagine being a colonial nation

Didn't you also have colonies in Lybia and Eritrea, or somthing.

they also lost a war to ethiopia
then they got so butthurt they gassed them

>and had already beat ur country's navy by that point in history
why do Anglos conveniently forget how Nelson lost his arm?

Brazilian girls love cute portuguese boys like myself

t. french/spanish/austrian colony

But he was already killing shit before he lost his arm

You wish the portugueses brought 5 million slaves to your country? Lmao, that's probably more than what Denmark got today

So, this is the power of Rome. Wow.

I honestly see nothing wrong with that

Everything is wrong in that, if you think the slavery idea was good you should just kys

Britain is the only colonial nation that created successful long term countries


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Wtf, Denmark didn't abolished slavery?
What a fucking scum

lmao, ill be more precise next time when i shit post

>why do Anglos conveniently forget how Nelson lost his arm?

because they hide every fiasco and they are brilliant at it

>Massive reproduction output of retarded natives
That's why your economy collapse. But hey, at least you're WHITE!

wtf he looks like a pussy

I want to move to Brazil now, will I be welcomed with open arms?

only if you have gun and join cartel.

>caring about the economy
What about enjoying life and sunshine my friend? This is much more important

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If that was objectively true, why are Brazilian women so hideous and most of them are pardas and mixed?

Just shut the fuck up already.

What would the relation be? Like USA with UK?

They are internationally recognized as the most attractive women in the world. You sound bitter.

>at least you're WHITE!

Three states out of 26. Nah sorry to burst your bubble.

It honestly is true, to the point we spoke tupi until the XVII century and half of our cities is named in their language. The point is that native population was always much lower than slaves and immigrants

I was born in the wrong era, fuck.

>3 ugglios in a row
I think you were bred to be retarded. SAd.

Yes Manuel, we love the padarias you guys build. You make good bread for us and we give you bunda, what do you think?

>You sound bitter

LOL. You're the one who sounds bitter. You have an entire continent with all the different white pussy you can get, be it med, slav, celtic, or whatever and it's Brazil that is "exotic"? Shut the fuck up friend.

Plus, brown women are hideous.

My brazilian friends will receive me with a plate full of meat and a cup of bear, and then they will introduce me to several cute girls.

Brazil is filled with white people if you're in Sao Paulo or another southern state. Stupid LARP.

We have women of every type my friend, but I honestly recconmend you get a girlfriend that isn't vulgar :)

Nah, UK is way better than Portugal and the US is way better than Brazil, like father, like son

lol I have my own stone oven and I make bread for myself weekly

>Brazil is filled with white people

Ok, you're a proxy.

>living in sweden and wanting brasilian girls

anglos are soulless and only care about muh GDP/economy

Case in point