Would you date a latina?

Would you date a latina?

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I wouldn't rule it out, why?

Not that one. If im dating a goblina im going all the way and finding the muttiest one i can with a big butt.

Do they count as farm animals?



im in a latino country after all

would i beat a latina? why yes, of course.

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No. But i would be her clitoris slave

I always wish I had Venezuelan gf

That's just a white woman.

Latinas are white.

nah im good

>Latinas are white.

why are you Filipino's proud of having Spanish heritage? they are considered a joke in Europe


i was on vacation in spain, i like most of the things about them but dear lord they are yelling at each other all the time and their behavior in public is lets say not very decent :(

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Less than 10% of them have, retarded Depaak Chong

Wrong picture.

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*rapes u*

>latinas are not white
>that girl could white or Latina so I guess there is really a lot of difference between the 2

>triracial from south america
>that's just a white women

>they are considered a joke in Europe
ret me terr u about yohr conteenent
They are insignificant in demographics here, so they are substantially less spoken about, thought of, etc. than Africans, Asians or Latin Americans that emigrate here

why Yas Forums and Yas Forums always hold on to their straws? why post phenotype that doesnt reflect populations average?

also she is just a mutt after all
Lima is of Portuguese, Swiss, Native Brazilian, Japanese, African and West Indian descent (which classifies her as a Pardo Brazilian). But she considers herself Afro-Brazilian.

also people post some african kid with blue eyes and they are like ughh they are european. no they are not, they are cause of genetic drift/mutation

>blue eyes
That's not a Latina

i have

>why post phenotype that doesnt reflect populations average?
A mix of larping, being basement-ridden and unaware of the world, and being uneducated about population genetics

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no you don't, they're brand worshippers (marqueras), shallow, and generally annoying

t. born in venezuela, maternal side is venezuelan

what is the filipino opinion of latin america?

>Born in Latin America and is Brazilian
your queen is argentinean too lel

inb4 someone posts the one song by cuarteto de nos

>eye/hair colour automatically makes you X race
user, you might have a brain tumor

Our queen-regent is a latinx and as such has brown eyes which she has passed onto her children as well.


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Only if she resembles my mom