Why did Brits give it all up just to stop minor German expansion?

Why did Brits give it all up just to stop minor German expansion?

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because we're stupid

they couldn't foresee that they would lose their empire and what they went to war over wasn't "minor expansion"

monkeys will be monkeys

Because Nazis were untrustworthy and would have disbanded the empire anyways if Britain had surrendered.

>minor German expansion
Your empire will be subjected to the Reich then

>Peace treaties are surrenders

>Because Nazis were untrustworthy
as opposed to those trustworthy anglos

Germany was strong enough to unify the contient and then build a navy to invade the homeland. Better to loose an Empire than blighty.

its disgusting to see you have been so utterly brainwashed by those who sought and still seek to destroy you, you have been tricked into hating your own volk, into hating evropa.

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Didn't Himmler want to ship male Brits over the age of 18 to the Baltic?

t. zhangified

So you're admitting the Anglo has a deep seated fear of the kraut

if you think america, uk , france dont control large portions of africa south america etc you are wrong

the game has simply changed

amerimutt tier post

Keep drinking that coolaid. There would never be peace as your empire threatened their territorial expansion.

Any peace treaty would have led to an eventual Molotov-Ribbentrop style backstabbing.

Ah yes Wilhelm II built that Navy to impress the British people.

Not of the kraut per se, but of a strong unified Europe that can build a fleet to invade UK. Its been the literal foreign policy for the last 400 years to back smaller europeans against bigger europeans and steal overseas possessions in the process.

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it's true that Britain's fear of German expansion was reasonable given the bellicose nature of German foreign policy at the time, but acting as tho the British Empire could or would have been an easy subject to partition like the rather minor power of Poland which was trapped between two great powers is retarded as well.

meme was almost perfect but you had to ruin it with the whole "russia did everything in WWII" trope

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they also gave up their homeland, just like the rest of the west

why wouldn't you want be part of our nice little Reich, though? surely England would not have been bothered by German rule, because that's what they've had since queen Victoria.

Tbf Nazi new world order was pretty comfy for the British as we would have kept our empire and independece becoming a junior partner like Austria-Hungary was to the German Empire. Only issue is that Anglo Liberalism is literally the most incompatable thing with German Fascism so we had to do it to ya

"within you flows the blood of heroes of troy, the authors of the rig veda and bhagaved gita, the sober leaders of rome and the heroes of the viking age"

most cringe thing ever is wh*tes claiming bloodline of caesar and shit.

Canada is the rightful heir to the British Empire

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>a junior partner like Austria-Hungary was to the German Empire
That turned out really well

Aye Glad we didn't go through with it

because nazi germany was well known for keeping their promises and not betraying their '''allies''' and they only wanted you to fully disarm as a sign of good will

>Poland existing at all

Should have used Spain instead. It was the second most relevant theatre after the invasion of Russia. And was the most devastating blow to Continental European global hegemony, basically ending the Portuguese and Spanish empires in America.

Yeah leading world power at the time whose policy was to prevent any European hegemony for centuries should've surrendered to a bunch of autistic thugs because you find their imagery cool.

>so we had to do it to ya
on an individual non meme level, this was the best thing that could have happened for normal people living today, in west germany at least. it just buried german thoughts of empire forever.