1) Your cunt

1) Your cunt

2) Has Greta visited it?

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If she did she’d immediately be greeted by a BBC

left or right? for me it's greta

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>that body

Isn't she like 17?

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She really does look like a 13 year old doesn't she?

Why not both?

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ugg 1 and ugg 2


Are you paid by the swedish government to shill for the cult of potatality?

i wish

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They are both cute. Not physically, but as a whole package, they are more attractive to me because of their commie sympathies.

yeah but shes retarded

Her mother is a notorious drunkard and she was raised on a vegan diet.

Always greta!

Yes, her only duty was to come here for doing trashtalk

Picture encapsulates why the US and EU must be destroyed

no, she'd get lynched here

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Muttland: hot retarded latinx
Europe: ugly retarded boy (girl(?))

if she does I'll slap the aspergers out of her

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Basically perfect

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Whose face is that?

Post more greta or boys(girls)

I can't tell whats awkward about the American lady's pose
Whta is it

American proportions

Your mom is notorious.

Always bet on trashtalk.


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Moar, I wanna fuck her so hard

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full body pics?

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If you want some good pictures, just look photos taken when she was in France.
Tight black dress and no bra.

Post some