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don't make this thread shitty

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i cringe when i see people outside

imma rockstar

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gonna coom a second time

i don't watch porn


Good morning!

Why is the media saying big Donnie is telling everyone to drink and inject bleach/isopropanol when he was clearly asking someone on his team if there was a way to do it?

/cum/ is the plucky brad with a heart of gold. /brit/ is the popular funny but overly headstrong chad who gets his comeuppance in the season finale. And /cum/? Well he steals the girl's heart of course

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I'm making this thread shitty whether you like it or not.

Blackbird mommy laid her maximum of five eggs now (fourth year one is nesting on the balcony and they never laid more than five)
I hope they’ll all survive this time!! Often they will get snatched by other birds once hatched...

I’ll keep y’all updated ;-)

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i got cum on my fingers

Kween in her plastic flower throne

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selfies are degenerate


he clarified, he was just pretending to be retarded

Insecure incel hands typed this


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you are a poop fetishist

Well you don't have the American flag so I guess Mutt's Law doesn't apply yet

bc there are people who will see that clip and think that's what he saying they should do. in maryland they've had over 100 emergency hotline calls about disinfectant.

OP say don't make this thread shitty but all I can think about is shit

tell my wife i love her very much

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Imagine no religion

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It be simple if u try

imagine no possessions

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Sounds gay

you are a poop fetishist

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I am aren’t

i have all the proof in the world

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Holy mother of based

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do canadians really?

This is no proof.
The truth is in my heart, and I would have given you the key long ago but you refused to accept me.

no more toil...

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Taking a shit.
Hard to pass.