Does your country live in tutorialand?

Does your country live in tutorialand?

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If you're gonna have israel, gulf countries, korea and japan as tutorial you might as well add southern europe as well.

Worst tutorials ever, I'm not buying this shitgame

I should add them in possibly tutorial, yes.

He's a filipino, brainwashed, thinks that Meds will rape his family

>south korea
are you retarded

I think Portugal, Spain, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia are also quite easy to live in.

They are, tutorialand poster.

I do not like Sp*in

No, we're in new game +++++ dante must die mode.

so it's a yes then



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Neither do I, I'm Catalan :-)

>he doesn't live in a country where the political elite is actively trying to kill his own population to maintain themselves in power

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Well surely not if you're part of the slaves that are 80% of the population there.

Pls add a catagory for us, we are fighting the boss.

Hello newbs, veteran is finally here

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Failing and suffering in tutorial mode is embarassing.

It is tutorial like yours

>cold, derelict inbred hellhole near the north pole full of slavic fugitives


so first-world countries?

We are not tutorial

What does it mean to be a tutorial country?

Korea should be grey

Those states in Middle East are tutorial mode as fuck. My friend is a citizen of Bahrain and apparently the state gives them a fat amount every month just like that. Some sort of UBI.

Living in such conditions that you don't really suffer, you pretend you have problems when you really don't have any, life is incredibly comfy and easy a literal autist can be successful

No, tutorial country is not necessarily first world. Others re just potentially tutorial ccountries like the USA they have actual problems, they are not tutorial, only possibly tutorial

>Imagine still needing conscription
Developed Asian countries are somthing else

No. I spawned in that glitchy area where enemies have unlimited health

No you are not gray, tutorialand poster

the government propaganda is that NK is about to invade any minute but the truth is the US needs a heavily militarized ally in the region (Japan too) to check China

Do you think life in Spain is "harsh"?

Shut up Sp*niard