I'm tired of my life

I'm tired of my life
How are you?

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Lets have sex.

I'm tired of worst girl posters.

Depression makes penis low

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yeah being in US military must be tiring...

to you want to end it all together?


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Do exercise and lose weight, you will be extremely happy in no time.

If I had a gun
I doubt that I can go over this time depression

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Dont kill yourself. Have babies with qt yamato girls to make more qt japanese girls like in my anime.

>Do exercise
I fell into this depression by the very hard exercise
But I dant want to take any rest at all
Because I'm being chased by depression for my life
I came up against deadend
What alternative plan would you reccomend ?
I made this thread to apease my meloncoly

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Take Viagra and fuck hookers

>I fell into this depression by the very hard exercise
I meant physical exercise, it releases dopamine which will make you feel happy and good.

I fucking hate myself
Because my family don't embrace naked state of me at all
My grandma is like heartman in full metal jacket
Imagine you can't avoid growing up surrounded by those fucking insular assholes as fuck

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Japanese grannies are nice

Which Korean cartoon is this?

And I hadn't no my room by living alone in Tokyo 20years old
No private

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Therefore I'm little bit insane
I'm not normal I'm retarded
I've dropped out of college even though I studied hard for 4tears to pass the first-rate college
All those effort was in vain

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All you had to do was study user. Just sit down even for 30 minutes and do a little bit of study, that's it. Why couldn't you do it?

I already did it

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I'm like captain America
I wanna change this dipressed meat with superior mellow vivid meat

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i wanna make fun of you but i cant today.
Can you tell your hole life story.

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do whatever you want
the sky's the limit

I wanna grow up surrounded by Vietnamese
Because you are no insular
I have Vietnamese friends
They makes waiden my limits of behavior
Because they don't really make a fuss About my behavior
Every time I thought
"Oh is those behavior open to me? "
For example
I don't hesitate about expose my face pic with Vietnamese friends
But I don't do it to Japanese because they make fun of me behind me

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best time to kys, trust me.

>But I don't do it to Japanese because they make fun of me behind me

Is this the truth? poor you.
I thought many Japanese are known to be very polite and straight, not talkative.

I wish I was reborn in no insular family
I had so many good friends
But I seclude myself from them because I'm bizarre
I'm ashamed to meet them
Because I'm like adult children not having any confident in myself at all

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Japanese society values same-ness so I guess that wasn't strange

Yes there is the tendency
thats why jap like to wear mask everyplace everywhere
It is diffence against the insult

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I kind of like you, but I'm very confident in myself, most of the time, or maybe I don't really care about being confident or not at all, I should say.

>i suffer in my tutorial country
Shut up weeb

I'm doing fine. Klonopin is working.

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Calm down suicide boy. life is going to get better trust me. Also you have us remember?

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