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I'm pretty sure this girl is "white celtic" and she had norman-irish surname

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How do they look like?

She still looks more qt than a "blonde aryan"

this didn't happen to you, and you don't look like that. you're unfunny too

Whiter than you abdul.

få se ansiktet ditt, den keltiske kjæresten din og den blonde jenta som har lyst på deg

i have blonde hair but i am also celtic

So you're a celto-germanic then.

Actual black haired yuros are pretty rare, they're usually just dark brown at the very most

i mean they are both cute

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kem velge keltera over etniske nordmenn???

degenererte sameavskum

shut up lardass your black hair is from niggers. it's more wool than hair. European black hair isn't supposed to be fully black. only in darker areas. it should have a beautiful brown glow in the sunlight

samea > muslimske migranta som 1/3 av oslo består av
vil heller ha saman en østlæønningan. østlænninga e basicly svenska som snakke norsk

doesnt celtic have brown hair ?


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>black haired
>white celtic girl
Pick only one, black hair is not native to Europe, only nigger and chink mongrels have it

ok aleksandrovski

Actually my black hair is from asians since I am asian... why u so mad anyways it's true most euros don't have black hair, you literally just admitted it too, "brown glow" = not black

large grottesque face looks like shit sorry you can find better examples

that is early neolithic farmer trait, they compose less than 10% of modern british dna. people who build stonehenge looked like, they are fairly european if you ask me since most of europeans have some of that admixture

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We have paler skin than nordoids despite our dark hair desu

also their hair is light brown not black, western hunter gatherers who lived in mesolithic europe before early european farmers came also had (suspected) pallet range of hair color (depending on where they live) just like modern europeans have today

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peak based.

I doubt women want to be with you if you're posting this shit

Because you don't have sunlight

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black haired celtics are extremely rare

Yes but a lot of Irish people dont tan, they just burn and then go back to pale

It's normal to burn if you're pale, but after a while you adapt

swathy af some of you lot are