Kim turned into a vegetable, official says

press s to spit on him!

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time for reunification?

Aren't you Kim too?

I'm Lee

I'm Cho

I'm Im

I'm Yoon

Press F to pay respect to the First Chairman.
Fuck East Korea and fuck K-pop

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t. crypto Kim

time for Kim's sister to take office and turn North Korea into a cutesy anime girl regime.

>takes over and conquers south-korea
>western world won't do shit because they are in love with her
You were too cocky

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She is not the one you should focus on.
If Kim Jong Un really dies, the most reasonable next leader of North Korea might be Kim Pyoung Il.

I'm Jun

I would've been Seok if my dad was the Korean one

>Kim Pyoung Il.
Someone who lived away from his country for 40 years would make for an interesting leader. I just hope it benefits the SK people.

Think again, your time is over southboy

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Realistically the generals are just going to take the opportunity and overthrow the dynasty

The generals ain't gonna do shit.

and let China have an excuse to march in. You are an idiot.

its 2020 bro time for the first female dictator

People were saying the same thing about Un since he studied in Switzerland and look how that turned out.

Not like the Chinese couldn't take their pick of the litter seeing how the rest of the line are dead, weak or MIA

it's her turn

They absolutely want guaranteed line of succession, not anime battle royale style of clusterfuck.

An anime battle royal style clusterfuck sounds entertaining though.


I'm Bong.

First name Tap-Sum.

If Kim dies, the US will do everything in its power to take over, right? They want to have a military base as close to China as possible.

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This is not just the thing that came up on my mind.
The source is this guy called 'Thae Young Ho' - the former North Korean UK ambassador who defected from North Korea very recently.
He was an elite class of North Korean society and he generally knows everything about high-class of North Korea.
He said that Kim Yo Jeong is just a greenhorn

im ahn

Source or get out

So, your Korean mother got bleached.

I don't know shit about fuck. If he is a vegetable what happens? Does it increase or decrease the chance of war?

Nah most likley China will move in and compleatly puppet the Norks, remove their nuclear capabilities gaining support from the south koreans, this will influence south korean elections so pro chinese win, and then reunify korea as a chinese vassal making USA loose it's toehold in Asia proper.

no :D

He is the 3rd youngest head of state.
How awful his lifestyle was if it is true.

That requires a LOT of luck for the Chinese. Also South Korea gains literally nothing from it.

Where is the news?
Is this good or bad for the South?
Also, who did it?

What went so wrong?

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Good news
I did


source : my mama