'no' edition

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why did you make it this new? do you really think this utterly boring image was worth making a new 20 posts early? no one cares about this shitty director, fuck off you shitstain cunt

good edition

yet another leftypol victory last thread

>pass user calling someone a brainlet
one for the history books

Nice I really like this image

Thank you for participating in my thread

the Left can't meme, or get elected

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Reported, OP

Just fucking stop

What did YOU do to mark Anzac Day?

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rorke begging leftypol to stop now


hmm yes rnhs heroes, give them footballers wages!

leftypol sipping on his carton of soylent that his boyfriend Mohammed Al Nal Shalalanala had to open for him with his patented Soylent OpenerĀ®

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massive walls of text do not a good meme make

no worries


dont get too used to it, buddy

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mourning all of the /brit/ posts that could have hit the mainstream but nobody was arsed to screencap (a la Just got called a racist outside of greggs lads)

A toast! A toast I say!

To trans rights!

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rorke on his third tesco meal deal of the day

It was a pleasure to post here mate, thanks for making it!

It's not funny any more you freaks are literally posting the same stuff you did in last thread, stop it

just caved in leftypol's skull

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was hoping this would be a 7min impersonation of Jordan Peterson, disappointing

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rorkeypol off his meds

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enough is enough

Such a weird looking man

you are very welcome my good sir

t. Rorke

*twists your melon*

just pissed myself

when did Rasheed become Leftypol?

*juice starts leaking out of my melon* stop you're going to break it

labour ousted rasheed after the antisemitism stuff

Thank you so much for being a part of my thread

still proud of you

Is this society now? Finna blow my fucking brains out

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didn't arse

rorke drinking a john smiths on his own in the corner of a dark dingy 3000 year old bar

leftypol drinking a martini with his trendy friends down at the local e-bar

Thank you for making it
It really is a very good thread

Currently experiencing the first proper hangover of the lockdown

Feel grimola. Welcome to Grimmington, population 1 (me lol)

leftypol handing in 100 rorke scalps

smearing shit all over my bedroom wall and flogging my testicles with a wooden mallet

Youtube recommends videos based on what you have watched previously you fucking pleb.