What's the most racist thing anybody has ever said to you?

What's the most racist thing anybody has ever said to you?

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for me it was when a guy from Naples called me a "Sardinian monkey", I couldn't believe a toxic waste-drinking, garbage fumes-huffing, camorra-sucking tribesman could find the courage to do this.

for me is sardinia > sicily >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>[observable universe length]>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> naples

When i was dancing with a turkish women in a turkish club. The turks didn't really like that.

some one once called me nigger to my face...I'm white...he was black...no he did not know what it meant...he wasn't very smart

I got called a beaner I ended up beating him then calling the cops . I lied and said that he threatened me turns out he was on probation he ended up pleading out dint even take it to trail we you in 6 years buddy .

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>you white bitch, da fuck do you know about basketball
When I was in the lunch queue at a conference in the US once and two guys behind me started discussing technique and I tried making friends. I used to be on the junior national basketball team, and I've played it for like 22 years ;_;

Ok Satan, worked in a call center, called fats.
Called someone because his friend needed him as a reference, he didn't even let me finish my intro, he just said "you sound like a sand nigger" so I hung up on him, he called us back just to rant about stealing his job or something, I didn't get that call.
Things like that happened from time to time in that job.
I had some other jobs and that never happened, I was just in contact with very low class people In that particular one.

were they bl*ck ?

Someone said I had olmec ancestry

One time someone yelled out their car window at me "Get a job nigger!". I'm a white and I was walking home from work

Never ever I’ve encountered racism towards myself or Russians. But I could tell you how many times I was racist towards churkas. Hehe

No, one was east asian and the other was brown. I would guess indian, pakistani or from bangladesh.

based and truthpilled

In 29 years, I have never once had a racist encounter.

Ouch, that sucks man I'm sorry

Sorry to hear user people in the south are incrediblely salty they can't operate a phone.

>"you gotta spare ciggie bruva?"
>fuckya then u white dog

I unironically don't think I've ever been adressed in a racist way

a chav called me paki in omegle

Wait till you meet the retarded northerners

Some guy I bumped into at a party has told me
>Pass doch auf, du scheiß Kanacke
I'm German though

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well he's a nigger what did you expect

I got called a terrorist after 9/11 even though I'm not Arab.

they were just intimidated by a norweigain BVLL ;)

Some people thought I was wh*te

I was in italy last year and I went to a shop that was also like a small restaurant to get some pizza and a bottle of wine. I was hitting it of with the girl behind the counter and after a while she asked me where I was from (we were s0eaking english) I told her I was romanian and then her face changed and said she has to go in the back to get the wine. She didnt come back, after like 15 minutes an old man came out, i tried talking to him but I dont speak italian. The people at the tables knew I was romanian and they were laughing at me. Then after struggling for another 10 minutes to tell him what I wanted a guy from a table asked me again, in a very good english,where I was from and I told him thinking he would help me talk to the old guy but he didnt. They started laughing again and after that I just left because I felt like crying. I ve never felt so humiliated in my life

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I've never been racially abused because I live in a 100% white area

Well you're a gypsy so no surprise.

Thanks, is cool, you grow a really thick skin working in call centers.
My main problem is with the companies that expect you to just take all.

>Well you're a gypsy so no surprise.