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Negative fuck edition

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I got it from there, I liked it a lot but didn't have anything clever to say about it so I didn't reply to you

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I can smell the fresh air.
Its a sunny day, sun shines, bird a singing.
Extremely nice spring day.
I belive i gonna go into a market in 1 hour.

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5st for balt and ausnz and finland

Posti tussi


Im extremely bored.
Wanna see pictures from my way to shop?

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what does that mean

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I think I'm going to spend this weekend cultivating mass.

Why can't I buy Vytautas anymore in Latvia. Did they stop producing it?


Dang, I thought you were Estonian anime poster :DDD

Ok i go soon if wont pass out again

Watching anime

what anime?

My hero academia

Why would you want to buy salt water?

Case closed, ordered 24pack of saku from my local vendor Raivo Saar.

Case closed seace.

>tfw I've made the same shitposts with the same image almost 4 years in a row
only missed 2017 for some reason

no I am the neet with genital warts

had a pee

how was it?

nothing special

was your pee yellow or clear?

is it possible to become a born again virgin

Color, smell, taste?

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lemon colour

How did you finish peeing?
Did you just shake your willy a few times or did you squeeze the rest out like toothpaste?

I'm a squeezer