Interest in the fetish has rocketed since Germany opened the country's doors in 2015 sparking a European migrant crisis...

>Interest in the fetish has rocketed since Germany opened the country's doors in 2015 sparking a European migrant crisis. Specialist film companies have even been set up in Germany which only deal in so-called 'refugee porn' and 'hijab porn'. Google searches for both categories have also rocketed over the past four years while popuar x-rated sites including YouPorn and Pornhub list hundreds of related clips. According to data from the popular adult content platform "xhamster" a tiny fraction of its searches were for refugee porn in 2015. However, since then interest has rocketed and this year that number is expected to hit a million - every month.

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Is It Mohammed looking that up or Hans?

hans obviously, mohammad would be looking up german woman porn
poltards say women destroy nations or whatever but way more men fetishized refugee women than women who fetishized refugee men

Straight men are degenerates.


Niqab porn is hot but rare as fuck

Most of the girls who do this porn are Indian or Hispanic.

Mia Khalifa, Luna Silver (Aayesha), Shazia Sahari, Persia Pele, Sibel Kekilli are Indian or Latina names... Yeah, Muhammad.

Just admit it, Islam doesn't stand a chance against modern degeneracy.

My hope is we end up with a rational midway point between religious extremism and postmodern degeneracy

I once read in a comment that 30 years ago the Turkish - German marriage rate was vastly in favour for Turkish men but nowadays the numbers are almost even. Seems like some Güzels are getting Würsted

My hope is there's only one way out which is someone finally pressing the button cousing nuclear holocaust.

take a guess. when youre sitting in a boring refugee center and youre running out of halal entertainment, you slowly start exploring haram territory.

I only know Mia Khalifa and she's a second generation American Christian Arab.

I'm pretty sure if you do porn you don't give a shit about Christianity

Also she's honourary wh*te and disowned by the Arab Christian community

So it's Hans?

Based. The other poster is retarded, a midway is unachievable. In this world extremism and LARPing mainly exists in reaction to the fact that if you give so-called 'postmodern degeneracy' an inch of leeway it will rapidly subvert and erase you as an economic and political inconvenience.

They're Christian arabs etc

Name one aside from Mia Khalifa you retard

Get off the internet you uncle freak and spend time around real people


FUCK autocorrect

>Just admit it, Islam doesn't stand a chance against modern degeneracy.

Aww, but its more fun if they try to fight back

the major reason is the capitalist state, morals and taboos work against the state. who's gonna pay for BBC cuckold sissy porn if suddenly people start becoming religious and righteous? the amount of money the porn industry makes is massive and part of those earrings goes to the state and other special interests. plus it keeps the people pacified and satisfied.

this is why muh conservatism is a meme. The destruction of society as we know it has to take place somehow.

I don't know them all that much. But you can't be muslim if you do porn.
I'm always looking up porn like this but I can barely find anything that's authentic.
They're almost always tattooed as well which breaks the immersion. They look like brown girls pretending to be muslim.

They just had to pick this word when discussing Muslims, didn't they?

>just dont think about stuff bro just live in your little bubble and shut up

bla bla bla bla bla bla bla


>hurr durr muh postmodernism
i guarantee you dont know what that word means

You can't be Christian if you do porn either. If you get to use that excuse do do we.

those were turks with a german passport marrying one without one

Those are their stage names, not their real names.

diaspora Turks usually inter-marry and don't mix with germans.