Made for bbc

>made for bbc

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>you just know

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he looks made for bbc

White men are made for BBC. That's a fact.

Very ugly whites getting fucked by blacks is very funny in my opinion.

You made it south from Mälmo, Somali?

>she looks like she fucks black guys

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No...that physically cannot be a boy

BLACKEDposting is based

Is made for BBC an insult or a complement?

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it's a statement of fact

Most times it's a compliment.

It's the greatest honor that one can bestow upon the fairer sex.

Most of time it means you are well endowed so a compliment.

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Post the penis

>made for bbc
This doesn't piss people off as much as it did in the past on Yas Forums unfortunately.

Yas Forums BTFO

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You must stop.

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In my point of view, an insult. Niggers are too disgusting and mentioning then in any situation is meant to elicit a feeling of disgust.

Where do you think he is now?

Planning to shoot up a school or somethin'. You know how white folk be.


Shut up wyte boy. You probably got your girl stolen by a strong black warrior.


He posted here not too long ago.

France is becoming as mixed as us :)

Why are you so angry bro

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We are a mutt country, I respect the dark-skinned brazilians since even "blacks" here have 50% non-african dna.

That guy is kind of handsome desu.

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