Bros got my first tinder match

How do I start? Should I talk about the generic quarentine?

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You do know reverse image search is a thing right? Why do want approval from these losers anyway? How is this any different from reddit goodboi points attention whoring?

Of course this is not the match you incel. why would I post her here?

can you actually make this thread interesting and make it a "dubs decides what I say next" thread and post screenshots, at least.

Let the dubs decide. It isn't going good though

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Have you heard the tale of Darth Plageuis the wise?

why do women expect us to be their clowns?



Fuck OP: what do I text her?

(I actually already send her something an hour ago, but it is nighttime in mehico so she probably wont respond soon)

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ask her if she considers horn africans caucasoid or negroid

This is incel behavior

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time to ask for bobs, you can salvage it bro

>using Tinder
I hope the lockdown ends so all normalfags leave our board

lol why did you think that was an interesting thing to say?

Girls stop responding all the time in tinder. Her inbox is full off messages from 500 Chads and your little message got lost in it.

Cause its true

Yeah I did. Gonna sleep now

don't use the passport


good luck with the sex

Text her number. Don't bother sending messages on tinder

this gotta be fake
you doc sed your info

This nibba really doxxing himself

just stay cool op

op already unmatched and back to drinking again

Lmao what was it ?


Nibba got ghosted rip

Did he message the clowns thing?

Got ghosted before that I guess.

He posted a screenshot of his Tinder convo but his phone number was in it

Currently calling OP

Tell him to show more confidence and not small talk with whores. HE should just ask her if she wanna hook up and if the she says no then he should remove her. EASY PEASY