What did you want to be when you were young?

I wanted to be a farmer

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I could have been a farmer but I didn't want to. Now I wish I did.

Its not too late.

I wanted to be an inventor just like
Gyro Gearloose (pic related)
My parents told me the closest I could be would be an engineer, so I became one and let me tell you something: it's not what I wanted to be! I don't want to calculate gears, I want to build stuff!
>my parents lied to me

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Then become an inventor.
Goodluck on inventing!

I wanted to be a special forces soldier
ended up being a engineering student

When I was really young I think I wanted to be a firefighter. I've had a little training, but I don't think it's something I will ever pursue. It's a great way to destroy your lungs and/or get cancer, and you can't really do it full-time here anyway.

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why dont you give it a try now ?

I never really knew what I wanted to be and still don't
aiming to become a high school teacher now though


I'm a product industrial designer. My job is to make up this stuff without really knowing how it works lol.

Still a great idea, even being part of the house of Reps is just a massive high paid shitflinging job.

I wanted to be Secret Police, I loved reading about the NKVD/KGB and Gestapo when I was little.

What are the prerequisites to start such an education? Not that I am young enough to consider it but you never know. Might be a fun hobby.

I could never decide between becoming an architect, an astronaut or an f-16 pilot.
I know I won't be chasing one of the latter two options for sure, but I might still look into becoming an architect once I pay back most of my student debt from a wrong choice I made after finishing high school.

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first an archeologist as a kid but my interests changed and I became quite interested in science like chemisty and physics (sparked of by a home chemistry and a home electronics set).
so as a teenager a physicist but I failed uni so now I am just a code monkey.

Daniel Düsentrieb/Gyro Gearloose was based.
you can still just craft little gadgets if you want as a hobby, its easier than ever with cheap chinese electronic parts, 3d printing and arduino or raspberrypie stuff.

I wanted to become a paleontologist because I loved dinosaurs

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be careful user. From what I have heard the market is oversaturated with architects

Bus driver


It's never late to be a farmer

I worry too much about the future. I must see my psychologist more. I have panic attacks too much. I probably should deal with my mental issues before. Though it is hard for me to be motivated for anything now.

For your application, you hand in a portfolio, usually you also partake in a test. They want to test your drawing skills and creativity. Bonus points if you hand in a 3D model or something you physically built by yourself. At my university, they asked applicants to build a realistic product that uses tin cans. I made a knive holder.

It's something i could understand without engineering knowledge. In my later studies i went into stuff like smart devices (connected to the internet). For those, i would just estimate stuff, e.g. how much space the necessary electronics would require. Possibly, an electrical engineer would have ripped my design to pieces for being unrealistic, but in don't really know.

In other words: almost nobody is a real-live Gyro Gearloose, because mass-produced products are made by teams of different professions, not individuals.

I wanted to be an ethologist because of crocodile hunter

Thanks for the advice fren

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A NEET. I didn't know the term "NEET" back then of course so I always just said I didn't wanna be anything. Hated school, hated responsibility, hated waking up early and hated spending time with people.

So I became a NEET. Turned 28 recently, never worked a day in my life.

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Wanted to be an archeologist but hten my interests have changed, my passion was art but parents never approved me going to art school so I went to Medical university, graduated from it but decided that I don't want to do it as my job, started to learn how to code but don't know enough to be hired yet so I just was hired as some manager in IT company and I continue to learn coding as well as continue to draw some stuff because my passion never went away.

I envy you.
Wish I could be a neet too but that is not the option because I would simply die without working here. No support from the government.

I wanted to be a garbage truck driver

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Interesting, thanks.
Looks like I need to create several hobbies before doing this as a hobby.