The JAMON BVLLS are the most honorable and civilised people in Asia...

The JAMON BVLLS are the most honorable and civilised people in Asia, I would gladly fight and die among them as brothers in arms .

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>I would gladly fight and die among them as brothers in arms .


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japan stole all culture from China. China is father of Asia.

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Understanding of Japanese/Korean gene pools:

C1a1 - Jomon Japanese []
JP: 6%
KR: 1%

C2 - Tungus, Mongol []
JP: 6%
KR: 16%

D1a2 - Jomon Japanese, Ainu, Ryukyuan []
JP: 38%
KR: 2%

N - Siberian (Liao river civilization) []
JP: 2%
KR: 4%

O1a - Austronesian []
JP: 1%
KR: 3%

O1b1 - Southern Chinese, SEA, Austroasiatic (Yangtze river civilization) []
JP: 1%
KR: 0%

O1b2a1 - Yayoi Japanese (Yangtze river civilization) []
JP: 24%
KR: 8%

O1b2a2 - Korean (Yangtze river civilization) []
JP: 6%
KR: 20%

O2 - Chinese (Yellow river civilization) []
JP: 16%
KR: 42%

After the fall of Baekje, proto-Southern Koreans (O1b2) were largely replaced by Han-branch Koreans (O2).
There's a possibility that Baekje/Gaya people spoke Japonic language, which was probably overwritten by Han-branch language.
This is the reason why Korean names are like Kim Chung-Li.

Both O1b2 and O2 were also replaced by Mongols (C2) in some numbers during the Mongol Empire era.
The Korean nobility encouraged Mongol army to invade Japan. They even set up a military base on Jeju island for Mongols.
The invasion attempts failed, not surprising given that they came from a land-locked country, not good at naval combat.

After the JP-Russo war, Japan became the strongest power in Asia, and annexed Taiwan, Korea, Manchuria and Micronesia.
Korea learned their place and finally understood who is the ruler of Asia.

Koreans are mostly Han Chinese.
Japanese are mostly Jomons and Yayois.

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The modern Japanese history started from the race mix between ancient Ainu dads and ancient Korean moms.
When Korean women opened legs for Jomon cock, Japan began.


it would be cool if facial hair caught on again in east asian fashion, at least in my opinion


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he has charme, i wont deny that

Can't wait for ghost of sushima to come out on PlayStation so I can play as the jomon bvlls

Is he joyoi or yamon?

>literally made a movie about JMKF
What is it with Koreans and their cuck fetish?

Stop embarrassing yourself Chang

Literally a jomon yayoi hybrid

>China is father of Asia.

Is the mutt offspring of a thousand different asian fathers you mong

"Nakadai" is a rare surname, only found in East Japan. He's probably a descendant of Azuma Ebisu (Tokyo Jomon).

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It is so ironic but Jomon is Haplogroup D which is originated Central Asia, so it’s rather Northern oriented people.

And so ironic enough but YAYOI is haplogroup O1b2a1 south Chinese minorities of Mian tribe which is RATHER RELATED AOUSTRONESIAN ABOS MORE THAN JOMOM.
Realiy is always shocking.

So even from this fact , modern korean who is descendant of Tungus mingol and Han,is not directly related Yayoi.

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Ah yes, another /autistic nip netizen with a copy pasta folder/ edition

explain this jamon meme shit.

Jomon are closer to austroloid

I know jackshit about Japan but from all the shitposting from Nips I think I can comment,

Jomon were an ancient tribe in Japan that got conquered by Yayoi, an invading tribe from the Korean peninsula. Jōmon people usually had masculine features like tanned skin, larger noses, eyes, and presence of body and facial hair. Yayoi are supposed to be more yellowish in appearance.

Modern Japanese DNA is 80%-100% Yayoi and 0-20% Jōmon. The average being 97% Yayoi and 3% Jōmon.

Many Yas Forums-tier autists try to claim Jōmon were Whites, because how can their superstate anime-producing waifu-showering Japan be similar to "those bloody ch*nks". Many Jap nationalists try to distance themselves from Koreans and especially Chinese by this method of cope.

The reality is, it doesn't fucking matter. Arr rook same.

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