How did this happen

how did this happen

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it turns out people in shitholes need a phony sky daddy to tell them everything will be alright


religion is really a waste of time and really pointless

no surprise the more advanced a country gets the less religious it becomes

ignorance is bliss

God replaced by money, religion replaced by nanny state.

there are number of data points on the map which lead me to believe your assertion is false

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time happened

mammon is a god

religious is dumb

>le ebic meme
kys if you're unironically christian

Wtf I always thought Spain was super catholic

Based Belgium.



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>the most christian countries in the world are from latin american and eastern europe
>both regions are shitholes
what did Jesus mean by this?

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t. Shithole country

Romanians say they are religious out of virtue signaling, generally no one cares except for really isolated old ladies in the countryside that don't even have a cellphone.

>Europeans and Asians will never gather together to praise the Maritan Goddess and sing hymns to her

Damn, so it's the same here.
Lately more young people are larpinf as christians to stick it to the muzzies

western countries thirst for the freedom to suck dick

>a god that won't let me fuck trannies isn't a god I want to believe in
many such cases

Yeah in like 1600 lol. They're pretty leftist now.

Here religion isn't enough strong to subdue atheism, but is enough strong to make atheist mad.

Based Italy the only firstoid with soul

greece is first world technically

Map of countries on the rise (blue) and countries on the decline (red)

And hungarians thirst for the freedom to go to western countries.

Here the church tied its wagon to the Habsburgs

I filled in the map based on what I know. Help fill in

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Religious numbers are PLUMMETING (exaggeration, demographics take long to change) after we became a stable democracy

My country is such a shithole

why did you make washington and oregon red

>China more religious than India
Just passing by to say that this map is bullshit.

I read it was the most secular part of America. like Canada

Finland should be red lol

Russia is shamefully backwards.