People in eastern Finland are truly a marvel. Why do they look like this?

People in eastern Finland are truly a marvel. Why do they look like this?

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he looks like me....kind of

>We need to secure the purity of Satakunta
>we got the best Swedish genes here folks

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You are white
Come to your homeland Europe, Nguyen.

>tfw east-west mutt

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back in army one the dudes there was named Nguyen
top lad

Does Finland have an east-west rivalry like Sweden? What about north-south?

Its more like helsinki against everyone else

T:not from helsinki

West Finns have this almost psychotic, at the very least hysterical hatred everything not Swedish. They consider easterners and Estonians to be "ryssä"/Russians and never quite shut up about how how 56% Swedish they are. It's quite sad really from a mental health perspective. Their entire identity is based around being an inferior version of Swedes who speak the wrong language.


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Haha swedish genes gotta littered by the finns.

How can a slim, tiny country like Sweden or Finland even have room for East-West rivalries?

In Sweden easterners are the virgins and westerners the chads

Because only the southernmost 1/8 of Finland was originally populated by sedentary populations which lead to most cultural differences being east-west.

It goes back a 1000 years. It's probably the same in Finland


Here westerns are cucks and Easterns are Bulls.
Its a tradition that were alive long before christianity. Tales says west-finns one day loose their key for their chasity belt and got mad Karelian BVLL were banging their whole family so the went to cry for swedes.

Ohhohoho, you don't know the harsh realities of small countries. The smaller the actual differences the more people exaggerate them.

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Why yes, I am Eastern Finn.
How could you tell.

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Its a cultural thing, you wouldnt understand


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>ugh...we need to secure the existence of our people and a future for western children
>the beauty of the western woman as embodied by our 100% Tavastian queen must not perish

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No Swedish genes in Satakunta, it's almost zero R1a/R1b (Indo-European, common in Swedes) and almost entirely Finnish-specific mutations of I1 (so from whatever mysterious natives lived in the Baltic Sea region before Finns and Indo-Euros).

Also Satakunta people look part Mongoloid just like all Finns, the proportion of Mongoloid autosomal DNA isn't even very different.

>What do you mean we look weird?
>Why did you just hit me for no reason?
>Go back where?

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Right one is clearly westfinn.

Posting a west-"finn" mutt.
West Finns are known for their racial mixality.
Raped by 4 different people.
>East Finns

Heres an example of Savonian people.
Mixture from Häme, Karelia and original peoples of Savo.

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Very nice digits, Chekd

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>whatever mysterious natives lived in the Baltic Sea region before Finns and Indo-Euros
Interesting choice of words

What ever lived here before us is a mystery, its clear they were not indo-euros but even smaller population than Finnics.
Anyways their genes still go on at us.
We came along the Baltic sea basin around 6000 years ago. 2000 years after the ice were melted a lot, long before indos had reached europe.
Its not much known for those before us, Only that they had worlds oldest fishnet and they did farming earlier than south europeans.
Might just say Hyperborean, But ancient greek tales would locate into mixed hyperborea.
Nobody got interest to dig that stuff deeper.
which is shame, Finnic history isnt just interesting as some viking shit.

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