WORST Southern-Southern Europe?

What do you guys think?

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Ahh, Spaniards.
The niggers of Europe

I don't have an opinion

let me give you one: your country got assraped by the Spaniards.

I should've included Alicante. And I don't know exactly if Southern Italy is fully or bad represented here

offspring requires vaginal intercourse

Literally the heart and SOUL of their respective countries. They’re both beautiful regions full of history and beautiful morenas.

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Salva Sevilla y Granada, algo de Córdoba y tira el resto Paco

>you will never be this man

Feels bad

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Extremadura is nice.

y extremadamente pobre también


I can smell your Sephardic admixture from here.

Cuando pienso en Extremadura pienso en esto todo el rato


Peak soul.

que sentido tiene este hilo? harto de mocosos que exponen mi isla

Tirar mierda a nuestras culturas, no te excita?


Andalucia has quite some rich nigga playgrounds, it's like a California

Would live there any day over South Italy the mafioso Godfather shithole

>exponen mi isla
Chill, Albertu, chill.

Sardinia is not Italy

Neither is Catalunya

I don't get the hate for Andalucía. People are nice even though they have to endure the largest number of party tourism. I think they try to make the best out of the dire economic situation.

how do you you say based in Catalan?


Basat! Amic

.... basadu fradi

Current California vs Andalucía XVIII century perhaps

But Alicante is beautiful

>if Southern Italy is fully or bad represented here
Sardinia has nothing in common with South Italy (or North Italy)

Alicante's Province is beautiful? Is just like this all the time

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But they in terms of lifestyle they are closer to the Southern culture right?

the culture of mafia and corruption and living in garbage? no thanks.