50% of you listen to metal and probably have long hair...

50% of you listen to metal and probably have long hair. Is it because you want to rebel against normies or because you use it to show off your above average intelligence or because you want to easily find woman with alternative perspective to life?

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I got long hair for years but it's a lot of maintenance so I just cut it short nowadays. Also nothing long with metal.

*wrong with

I look weird with short hair so I just let it grow. I like metal just because. Good for workouts. Early introduction in movies and wrestling and such things

Never liked the way I look with short hair. As a child, I was close to the incel school shooter look and even then I couldn't stand it. As soon as I could I let my hair grow and girls started to ask me why am I doing to my hair as it looked really nice to them and others told me that I look like some kind of rockstar. I have shorter hair now because it turned into a mess, but I'm growing it up again, by summer it will be fine.
As for metal, I just like it. Good music will always be good music and some of it is metal.

You got me. I listen to metal and in high school my friends and I all had long hair. Sue me.
I like metal because it's high-energy and usually sounds "full" (wall of sound, etc), which makes it more satisfying to listen to.

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I used to listen to a lot of metal simply because I enjoy it. I only listen to a few bands now, I kind of switched to some other genres mostly, but I still have the long hair as a remnant I guess. Not planning on cutting them, because I know that if I cut them now I will most likely NEVER have long hair in my entire life again. (takes a few years to grow, so I probably won't bother)

I want to find woman with alternative perspective to life.

No, actually I'm black, but I do like punk rock aside from rap.

Be careful what you wish for. Many of them have some severe daddy issues and/or other mental problems.

never had long hair dont understand why that became so metal it mostly look ghay. i dont use it to rebel i honestly like the music, it gives me energy makes me happy and it feels so....real? i dont know how else to explain it.

I mostly (80% of music) listen to metal but I generally despise metalheads and metal sub"culture". Also I have short hair and only a few band shirts and I stopped going to concerts cuz metalheads act like deranged monkeys there.

Same, i prefer to interact with non-metalheads, they're fucking retarded.
> I stopped going to concerts cuz metalheads act like deranged monkeys there
At least here depends on the genre.

heavy, thrash, black, power and death concerts are absolute cesspools

I listen to metal but metal head style is very ugly looking to me.

Im a mestizo with long hair that loves black metal

At least here metalheads are the most chill people you can find and metal festivals have the least amount of violence during the summer. If you want to see chimpouts go to some edm festival or Pori Jazz.

who's the fat guy ?

all of these reasons plus to cover my large antenna ears

my father


>tfw only started growing my hair a year ago and is not that long

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>Pori Jazz
Do people who like jazz chimp out?, normally they're pretty down to earth.

Really? I believe you, I just have a hard time imagining how people could chimpout listening to jazz. Some of the fastest stuff can be exhilarating, but most of it is just relaxing. Do they just get high?

i only go to rock and metal concerts or festivals, its the most retard free zone you can find and has a age range from 16 to 60 with the average at 35 and you can stumble upon all kinds of people you didnt at first think about as metalheads.

How long is it? Hair grows at an average rate of 1.25cm a month, or 15cm a year. Give it time, keep your scalp fed and massage often.

It's filled with drunken retarded boomers. Most people there just want to get absolutely trashed. Only a small minority is there to actually listen to the music. It's also at Pori where people love to fight.

In general most metal genres are infected with reddit hipster faggots. Can't even say nigger at a BM concert unless it's just outright NSBM without some reddit soyjak with a beard and glasses getting angry.

Most of the time, metal fans are really nice people, but some are just cringe retards.
Like those who think that Beavis and Butthead is funny.
Or those who stick to their youth edgy black metal band KVLTness, but are 50 year old boomers with house, wife and kids now.

what do the gentlemen ITT listen to ? post albums

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Ah, that's more or less what I expected. Shame though.

>Can't say nigger irl outside of your circles