What did Sweden used to be about?

What did Sweden used to be about?

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That's a big fucking mushroom though

Just like us Sweden has left the ethnical monotony behind and emerged as a moral superpower

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Looks like a pancake on top.

Trad fascist thread

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Ride the tiger, pick the mushroom

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Return to tradition

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Murder your local grocery salesman

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imagine if it was filled with psilocybin haha your brain would melt lol

You could make a nice omelette with that

Different times....I've done the same job a few years ago and people aren't allowed that near nowadays. Mostly boring but you get to yell at people trying to get close. Since we carried a loaded weapon we were also authorized to use lethal force if people didn't listen when we told them to back off, in order not to risk our weapon being stolen.

What I can understand, and it's the same over here: Newspapers used to fill up their space on the local pages with stories like this. I remember a girl in my elementary school class finding a mushroom that was even bigger than Peter Sweden's, and it was a story with picture in the local paper.

Not in these days, though. The pages are full with stories like "postman robbed and injured, police looking for three Arabic men".

Fuck you, Merkel.

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Why are you so evil

Jesus, I lol'd and I'm going to hell for that. No regrets.

yeah, people forget these guards are actually guards and not tourist entertainers

That's what Sweden used to be about

I don't get it.

he wants to play some game

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Didn't that faggot move out of Sweden as a child

Lucky bastard, I saw that video. Cringe sheeeeeet


Industry and development.

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He's Norwegian actually. I don't know why he has Sweden in his name. I guess he used to live here

Okay, you really didn't understand.
In 2019 in Marocco two nordic girls (sweden and dutch I guess) were brutally fucked and murdered by proto-rapefugees. One of them took the video.
That girl on the photo is one of the victim


Are Norwegians the original Swedes?

As far as I know he was born in Sweden, then his parents moved to Norway and now he's a waiter.

>sweden and dutch
They were Danish and Norwegian. Netherlands isn't a Nordic country

That sums it up, really. And even the "good and humble" things about this country is a sham.

>Netherlands isn't a Nordic country

They are blonde and tall.

He has a Norwegian last name. I think he lives in the UK now

It used to be safe, strong social cohesion, a functional welfare state, beautiful and happy people, no crime, high trust, traditional culture. Today it's all ruined. No safety, nothing works anymore, corruption everywhere, immigrants leeching welfare and commiting crime, the trust is gone, women are ruined permanently by feminism, faggotry and tranny shit everywhere, niggers, gypsies, dirty, ugly shit decadent

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No, norwegians are basically anglo thrash washed ashore on the Scandinavian peninsula.

Go back to your containment board, Yas Forumscel.

I hate anglos.