/med/ - olive oil general

aka Mediterranean, aka coomer general. Invited: all Mediterranean countries. Also welcome: Any country that produces olive oil and wine, as well as the UK, native Americans and elves.

Tolkien edition.

What's your favourite work of Tolkien, /med/? Have you studied the actual history behind them? What's your favourite film? What about favourite character? A favourite race, maybe?


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lmao, thanks for bumping, I wasn't paying attention
good morning fren

Not the best of mornings, but good morning to you as well.

>satan trips
oh shid, did something happen?

I hate this shithole so fucking much

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I guess, and it's not a sudden thing, but I don't want to talk about it.

oh, I see, fair enough
good luck with whatever it is tho

what happened?

Cant sleep pls help

at least you're not the lebanese flag
what time is it there?
drink some hard liquor and fall asleep

We'll see.

Its 4:21 In the morning. I dont like alcohol user

you know what to do

Me too, but /med/ is like a little kernel of sweetcorn in amongst the big pile of shit that is 4cham.


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>tfw gotta shower but i'm lazy

Tfw it's 17C because of turkey.

Hello frens

dumb turks and their heliomancy powers

What are they up to now?

Hello frens

Hope you just wake up so you'll get back some lost sleep from the previous times.

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You were asleep for a long time

Winds from the Anatolian mountains. Also because of quarantine can't go fishing .

I woke up at around 4 AM

Shit morning. You?

computer issues? Just a regular boring morning for me

Nope, something which I won't talk about.

No problem, hope it's resolved.

Talk to me, I will keep our confidentiality

send me a mail at [email protected]


It's that day again

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>cleaning my place

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The day of reckoning