I love china

>i love china

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>I don't love china

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Only leftoids hate China these days. It's essentially NatSoc: The country.

>If you don't like China then your a dumb fat American even though you're not

China is a marxist country

>Hating on China
Nice facts useful idiot but there are other leftoids (pic-related) who supports China as much as you do

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China is a right wing shithole. Cope more neoliberal cuckolds.

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very funi joke they crackdown marxists and leftists

>Yas Forumscel IQlet doesn't know about tankies

>Rightwing shithole

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woah very pro workers of them

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pick one

Its about labour unions though
>The conflict which consisted on public demonstrations, labor strikes, and direct action beginning on July 27, 2018 when a group of workers of Jasic Technology Co., Ltd.(abbr. Jasic), dissatisfied by low pay, poor working conditions, and long shifts sought to form a labor union.[6] Jasic responded to the workers petition by firing the employees. This sparked two weeks of protests and demonstrations drawing from both factory workers in Shenzhen along with student members of JASIC Workers Solidarity Group and sympathizers. The protests have been described as being largely Marxist[7] and Maoist[8] in nature.
>Fifty students who were involved in the demonstrations had gone missing after Chinese police raided a apartment that served as a location for workers and students to organize.

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Every amerifat hates china because every amerifat has the heart of a neoliberal

USSR criminalized homosex under stalin

China hasn't been a marxist country since Mao died
Arguable it hasnt' been one since the end of the great leap forward

>why yes, how could you tell?

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>what? you don't love China?

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Why the fuck would I hate China?
I understand shit like this , and I find it deplorable, but how is China affecting me in a way that would lead me to hate them?
It's not China who's supporting our kleptocratic criminal regime, it's USA. I don't hate Americans either. Grow up.


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Says the sinophile amerifat

every american who i meet that like China has been very strong and attractive.

same, the ones who hates china have all been fat disgusting slobs.

I love DPRK

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polcels(which are mostly made up of yanks) are scared of china though.


kingpin and sinister six

>Scared of China

Haven't you forgot that Yas Forums is ideologically similar to China ?

Yas Forumscels literally rub their boyclits everyday fantasising about living in a country where the state has so much authority over the lives of it's ctiizens