Asian butts edition

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How are you still posting here then?

A gang of mutts calling themselves the "KillerZ" is currently going around my neighborhood murdering people.
What should I do?

willy gets hard looking at very attractive women lads

Tinder girls disgust me

All tinder women should be sent to an island

how do you know she's asian

self esteem is real


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Is it pronounced killers or killer-zee?

can feel some kind of buildup in my rectum
not sure if it's air or feces
fingers crossed it's air because i'm about to release it

bent freak

great britain

asian butts you say

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It’s funmy because this is how I feel about x ray techs when I work next to them lol, just walk in, adjust some plates, push button, walk out. I almost went back to school for that guy decided I liked biomedical just enough to not do that. But yeah 10 years of customer service helped me make that decision, I want to help the general public but I also fucking hate them and never want to speak with them. Weird conundrum

*takes vitamin D tablets*

wahey im now a full grown aussie

right right right
43 minutes left

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Can only imagine "big" for a Vietnamese girl is very tragic

are there any other mental illnesses that aren't real?

can someone give me some money x
$1000 aud will do thanks

Matched with her

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It’s funmy

lol no I'm unemployed, I'm dead serious, is it a short course or what? You're essentially a shopping centre photographer.

um okay

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Please don’t make me feel like a goose for phoneposting


absolutely plastered in makeup

would not shag

how'd you get matches then, ta
t. incel

People inside the gang pronounce it Killers
People outside pronounce it Killer Zee.
The gangsters sometimes kill people just for pronouncing it differently

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>walk in, adjust some plates, push button, walk out
Would kill myself if I ended up somewhere like that (ie. private clinics). At least in CT/MR you get to do some actual interesting image processing, and ED you get problem solving and gore and shit.
Weak bait. Please educate yourself. That being said my uni course is ridiculously padded and should be half the length it is.

why are *all* vietnemese people called nguyen?

goose is based tho

hate my toil

I’m claiming Killer Zed

So this guy on /Brit/ told me what he was banned from r/Australia
So I arksed him how he's still posting on /Brit/ heh heh

ask this with Yas Forums

they call me 'the tripod' given my penis length

alri wackey emmett reel it in yeah?

it is pretty disrespectful when people don't say your name right tbf

you're either underaged or over 40
absolute fucking state of it

Holy shit really? It is a university course? I honestly would never has guessed that. I thought it would be a TAFE thing. Can't imagine what you need to know that takes 4 years. Do you actually have to interpret the x-rays as well?

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is it the length of three mars pods?


FACT: all canadian flags are emmett

mon then

mental that as insane as trump is, he's actually less insane than bolsonaro

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They call me mutt
They call me mixed race
They call me goblino
They call me yank
That’s not my race
That’s not my race
That’s not my race
That’s not my race

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gfberg woke up in quite the mood

told her to reel it in or I shan't be licking her fanny tonight

she has quickly changed attitude

>We're living in actual cyberpunk times
>With no virtual gf's
What a fucking let down

planning on starting anew when the quarantine is over. should i:
>join the air force
>do a course on diplomacy
>apply to work on an oil rig

Trung nguyen coffee is excellent
Just made a cup earlier
Their shops are super wanky though, like you’ll have to sit in a little zen sand and rock garden with no shoes and order something called “Inspiration” with like a poem underneath it instead of telling you what sort of coffee you’re actually getting.

Better yet, pack it in you little faggot.
Make an /aus/ general or something.
Australians are terrible posters.

have you asked her if she's okay?

find brazillians a sad bunch tbf
they're the chimpiest of chimps on this board though so who cares though

bolsonaro gibs all neets a bralizian tranny gf


Should I go make a cup of coffee or chug half a litre of coke?

>join the air force
>do a course on diplomacy
>apply to work on an oil rig

Alri Maverick

>you’ll have to sit in a little zen sand and rock garden with no shoes and order something called “Inspiration” with like a poem underneath it instead of telling you what sort of coffee you’re actually getting

It SHOULD be a TAFE course, and about two years instead of 3-4. We have to learn anatomy in ridiculous depth (more than medical students) in order for us to actually image things right and get the referrer the info they need. If you just pointed an x-ray tube at a knee and took two pictures you wouldn't get shit out of it. For registration we also have to do a bunch of ridiculously padded physics/radiation safety units. There's also a bunch off other padding units that are useless as fuck. We also learn to interpret the 'critical' stuff, so basically anything life threatening or urgent on x-rays and CT scans and you pick up a lot of other pathologies on the way.

Whatever is cash in hand, always cash in hand mate always.

hello virgin

First thing you should do is unclench your jaw, relax your face muscles and let your shoulders drop. Stop holding in tension.

mining or police force

3 litre coffee enema is absorbing well

Australians are like hobbits or something, fully checked out undermen retards that live (physically and mentally) in retard-land.

do sex havers really lick their gfs fanny after shagging them?

grim grim grim
your basically licking ur own willy

gay bender

the focaccia

why kind of money are you looking at earning?

fat nazi body

yes, yes nonce
we are all aware of eastern easian things but you in a different way

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only before me

after this walk up to a building site, find the boss man and give him a firm handshake

>your basically licking ur own willy
you would if you could