France is a mini version of the USA

France is a mini version of the USA

>Like the USA we have 3 coasts in our mainland Channel, Atlantic and Mediterranean
>Like the USA we have our equivalent of the East and West Coasts
Atlantic and Mediterranean Coast
>Like the USA we have big cities and nothing
The 20 largest French agglomerations gather a 1/3rd of our population
1/3rd of France has a pop density under 15/km2
Like the USA we have our Alaska and Hawaii
Guiana for Alaska and the Antilles and Reunion for Hawaii
>Like the USA we have 2 main mountain ranges
The Alps and Pyrenees
>Like the USA we have an important black population
>Like the USA we have a lot of rap artists
>Like the USA we have our Houston
>Like the USA we have our Cap Canaveral
>Like the USA we have all kind of biomes except the desert anymore since 1962
>Like the USA we have nukes

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But French imperialism stopped when yanquis are still Overthrowing Latin American countries see Bolivia has a recent example

I like france

my greatest ally :)

How decadent..

France is still meddling in West Africa

> important black population

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Interesting insight Pierre

Don't forget the most important part, we both mutts :)

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Hmmm c’est évident que t’as pensé là-dessus très profondément. Basé, dangereusement basé et salut d’ici

Important is a literal translation from his language, he means Significant.

do all french girls have asses that good?

>important black population
Euphemism for "filled with niggers"

That’s a trap. Reverse Google it, Bruce

Like the USA most French people are self-centered retards

You don't understand haplogroups, don't talk.


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I understand what he meant you cunt I lived there hence why I said it's filled with niggers. Fuck white Frenchies absolute fucking filth and cowards.

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Liberté, égalité, furternité

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18 to post here

Like the USA we can have AR15s if we have a sport shooting licence. And our suppressors are unregulated so anyone can buy them without a tax stamp so that's a positive.

do french girls have fat asses?

Seriously, neck yourself you unfunny cunt

A man of culture I see

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You guys don't have mexicans

Je te souhaite une bonne journée, je comprends ce que tu ressens
Kek yes, just wanted to bantz
Et salut à toi aussi, ce fil est plutôt basé mais il y en a aussi beaucoup de rage des autres étrangers, j’sais pas du tout pourquoi mais la fraternité que vous deux avez offerte est gentille. Bonne journée

>je m'appelle los americano

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C’est vrai, je suis métissé et j’ai un peu de surpoids mais je suis aussi quelqu’un plutôt propre. D’ailleurs je comprends vraiment pas pourquoi tout le monde semble vouloir détruire ce fil quand le concept derrière lui est si beau.
Je te remercie encore une fois, OP. À très bientôt!


We are also very fond of black cocks like the USA